Thursday, February 25, 2010


OK, we interrupt the usual bloggie goodness for a bit of shameless self promotion. Or rather, the fact that I'm pimpin' out my child for a photo contest to win a college scholarship!!

Every since he was a wee lad people have always told me that Wolfie was a very cute/unique looking kid and should model. That's kind of not my bag, so I always laughed and said thanks, but left it at that. Then my friend sent me a link to this "Cutest Kid" contest being held by Next Direct (a Euro clothing company that is launching in the US). The winning child will win a $100,000 college scholarship—and suddenly this whole "cute kid" thing started to sound a little more interesting. So here I am, asking my lovely readers if you could spare a minute to vote for my boy. The contest is on Facebook, however you do not have to be a Facebook member. You just need a valid email address! Apparently you can also vote multiple times if you have more than one email addy. It literally takes 30 seconds.
I'm shameless huh? Well....the boy's gotta go to college right??

Click to:

Feel free to pass this link along! I'm trying to get the boy in the Top 50. He's currently one Huntly, one Hampton and a handful of Skye's away from crackin' the Top 50:

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Monday, February 15, 2010

My Funny Valentines.

I'm baaaaack! Oh how I've missed you, my little Strawberry Lemonade friends! This new year started out so krazy. A looloo of a flu (that lasted four ghastly weeks!!!) and crazy work schedule. Of course the few spare moments I had, I spent launching Modern Kiddo—my new side project. It's been soo much fun but I have to say, it sure feels lovely to be back over here. I have so many things I want to share with you, but I thought I should begin with this weekend: Valentines Day! We had insanely great weather—sorry my snowbound sweeties—but it was a shocker to us too! Gone was the rain, and in its place loads of sunshine. Greg and I decided to take Wolfie to the California Academy of Arts and Sciences, which is in Golden Gate Park.

There is a great "living rooftop" which is green green green. It kind of looks like Teletubbie Land.

BY FAR the best part of the day, however, was the penguin exhibit! You might be thinking, "What's so fancy about penguins Alex?" Ah, keep reading friends....

In honor of Valentines Day, they let children decorate hearts that were then passed out to the penguins. And lemme tell you, these penguins LOVED the valentines! It was soooo awesomely cute! They didn't eat them and in fact were quite competitive about them. It was hilarious to see them strutting around, all puffed up. Amazingly the boy penguins kept "delivering" them to the girl penguins who were in these little caves. I guess they were using them for their nests. Have you ever seen anything so cute??

Wolfie was enchanted. It sounds cheesy, but truly it's the best way to describe it!! He was grinning from ear to ear.

We had a really terrific day. The place was totally packed....and guess who else was there?? The super gorgeous Halle Berry with her little cutie pie Nala. She was just strollin' around like a mommy with her little one. Really cool. Honestly the place was so packed, I think she managed to slink around relatively unnoticed.

It's funny, at one point earlier that morning, Greg told me that he and Wolfie had to sneak off to take care of some "things" (which usually means buying flowers for mama and what not) but in the glory of the sunshine, flowers were forgotten....and you know what? I wouldn't have had it any other way! We came home happy, exhausted and we ordered a big ol cheese pizza, had a little picnic on the living room floor and watched Finding Nemo (in honor of the aquarium). I have to tell ya, Valentine's Day was pretty darn perfect. I leave you with some goofalicious photos of my little Valentine. And yes, I bribed him to wear this. Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right?? xoxo

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