Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vintage Kid's Books: 60s meets 70s

This is a super charming little book. I actually thought it was from the 70s because the style is a little more crisp and angular than the more rounded shapes in my other vintage kid's books—but it was produced in 1963. I love the little girls with their kerchiefs!

"Bow Wow! Meow! A Book of first Sounds"
By Melanie Bellah
Illustrations by Trina Schart

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Style Files: Michigan Edition

The light on my parents deck overlooking the lake is so serene and pretty. Here's what I wore:
+ Tie Dyed Print Cotton Sundress. I am not a fan of hippy dippy stuff and would have never guessed I'd wear something remotely tie dye-ish, but this breezy sundress was so comfy and cute. Oh, and it was $15 and some random store at the mall here in Michigan.
+ Brown lightweight, short sleeved cardigan (it's hot as ever outside but then inside people crank the A/C like crazy!)
+ Green Kate Spade sandals
+ Gold necklaces from my Tante Maria (or as my brother Karl called them, The Run DMC Starter Kit)
A little more subdued than what I usually wear, but it was hot hot hot!

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Anna Sui's Gossip Girl Collection

So Target is at it again, this time they've partnered with the awesome Anna Sui. I actually really love most of her stuff—its very bohemian, vintage inspired. In some ways I think her vintage inspirations are more original than the Godfather Marc Jacobs (gasp! I know, right? I dared to slightly knock the master. Don't get me wrong, I loooooove Marc. But I think Anna Sui is doing it just as well as him and doesn't get a quarter of the props...). Anyway, Anna has joined forces with Target to be the second designer featured in their Designer Collaborations collection (Alexander McQueen was the first). Apparently this is different from the GO International line that showcases hot/younger designers. ANYWAY! This collection is a riff on the Gossip Girl characters. Part of me thinks this is a totally cute & fun idea and part of me is a little disappointed in Ms Sui to hop on the GG train. What do you guys think? Some of these looks are kind of adorable...we'll have to see what they're like in person! Can you guess who is who? (Do you guys even watch Gossip Girl??)

This appears to be inspired by Vanessa and Blair.

I'm guessing Serena and Blair.

Serena and clearly Little J (aka Jenny)

Definitely Serena and Vanessa.

Blair and Vanessa.

You can see the entire collection (and see which ones I guessed incorrectly) at The Cut.

OH! And if you're a fan of the show, you have to check out this rad Tumblr, What Chuck Wore...an homage to all things Chuck Bass. Love it.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

French-Russian 60s Go-Go!

Imagine a crazy Russian tavern and a magical kaleidoscope that reveals rockin' 60s go-go dancers and bands every time you look inside. Sound too good (or weird) to be true??? Well check out this amazing video Greg just sent me of what appears to be a Russian 60s Variety Show. It's weird, wild and WONDERFUL. Dig it....and HAPPY MONDAY!

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Pretty Retro Collages

Happy Monday everyone. Hope you had a great weekend. So, I've posted Esen Demirci's work before, but I was looking at it again last night and I'm still really enjoying it. I love the retro collages and muted colors (even though I'm usually a bright girl). Esen is from Istanbul and she says her main influences include Alfred Hitchcock, Jean Luc Godard, and Michel Gondry. There isn't a lot of into out there on her...I think I might have to write her a little note soon to get some more scoop! I am really into how she uses illustration mixed with vintage fashion photos, old book pages, and even wallpaper patterns to produce digital and traditional collage work.

Browse her little Etsy shop.

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Paper Tape Recorder.

This little video from Esen Demirci is so charming! I just want to set it to some music.....

lup.an adorable video from Esen Demirci.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Resort Wear & a Sharpie

I just love this collaboration between fashion designer Peter Jensen & artist Charlotte Mann. For starters....cardigans. hello! We all know I love a good cardy. And then the illustrations remind me of that guy who decorated his entire basement with $10 worth of sharpie markers.

The inspiration for the set (and the collection) was the Diane Arbus photograph of triplets...look closely in the fashion photos and you can see it hanging on the wall. You can read more about this sassy Resort 09 Collection on Style Bubble.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Adorable Music Video of the Weekend

Sarah Blasko's new video, directed and created by illustrator Celeste Potter. Pretty damn cool, me thinks.

UPDATE! Get a free MP3 of this sweet little ditty. Click the image below:

From the kind folks at Dew Process. YAY!

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Tasty Little Mod

As a big fan of all things 60s, it's no surprise I have always coveted the Mondrian dress. Inspired by Piet Mondrian's iconic painting, but created by Yves Saint Laurent in 1965. Hey, even the Partridge Family bus gave a little nod to Piet.

So imagine my deeeelight to discover that fancy baker extraordinaire Caitlin Williams Freeman had created a Mondrian inspired cake for the SF MOMA. Yes, I said a CAKE people!! Caitlin is one of the co-founders of Miette Patisserie, the most adorable bakery ever. Check out her notes and then some yummer pictures of the cake—which is covered in chocolate ganache. Mmmm. Anyone wanna meet up for a slice some day??

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Never Can Say Goodbye: RIP Michael

Growing up in the 70s, I loved Michael Jackson: ABC, Never Can Say Goodbye, I Want You Back. To this day my favorite Christmas album is the Jackson 5's. I have such clear memories of it crackling on my parents stereo. (BEST version of "Up On The Housetop" EVER!) Then came the 80s. And MTV. And Michael ruled the video scene—Billie Jean, Beat It, Thriller. AMAZING. He was so insanely famous during that time, which is why I think he kind of flipped out. I can't imagine having that much fame can ever be good for you. He was eccentric and weird but truly talented. I can't help but dance when I hear his music.

This is an earlier teen performance I had never seen: Michael & The Jackson 5 on the Carol Burnett show. The dancing!

This is Michael's iconic performance of Billie Jean at the Motown 25th Anniversary. I remember watching this on TV and being blown away. Apparently Fred Astaire called him up the day after the show to tell him it was a "helluva performance."

You'll be missed Michael, but you'll live on in our hearts and iPods forever...

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Style Files: high/low

I recently discovered this little sundress at Target and I love it. For starters it was like $19...nice! I also love the colors, pretty purples and blues. The straps are kind of adorable—fabric on the back side but on the front they are made up of little teensy beads. Very cute and make it seem like its from some trendy lil boutique rather than simply Le Targe. The main reason I like this dress however is because it is magically slimming and makes me look like i'm a zillion pounds more slender. Now who wouldn't like that in a dressie?

The deets:

+ Cute lil sundress, Target
+ Short sleeved black Vera Wang cardigan, Kohls
+ Vintage Mod Lion Pendant, courtesy of Greg
+ Black + White patent sandals with silver heel, miu miu
+ Cheap white plastic sunnies, Target

You can see my wonky , crooked teeth in that second photo! I might be getting braces soon (argh). I actually really like my teeth and I've never been self conscious about them, but they are pretty crowded and my dentist is all worried I'll have major gum issues as I get older. Flossing is a beeyotch when yer chompers aren't picture perfect. More on this topic later!

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