Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fresh Picked VIntage: Enamel Flower Pins from the 60s

OOooh lalala we love vintage jewelry! And a super favorite of mine are vintage enamel pins, from the 60s. Colorful, bold, girlie but graphic. I think they're such an adorable way to spruce up an outfit.

How gorgeous is that bouquet?? I love them on cardigans, dresses, headbands and totebags! And of course cuffs. One word of caution. If you are a mama, the pins with separate petals can get a little pokey when you go in for a cuddle (or so Wolfie tells me. "OW! Mama. Your flower poked me!").

To score some enamel brooches of yer very own, check out thrift stores, antique shops eBay and Etsy. Also, my friend Jenny over at Frecklewonder has some GREAT pins coming up in her shop on August 1. Take a peek here!

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Style Files: A Cool San Francisco Summer

OK, I know most of you are dealing with sweltering temperatures. Here in the Bay Area we've dabbled in the higher temps, but MOSTLY we've had weirdly COLD weather. Like, blustery winds that made me want to wear a scarf. No lie.

I will say the upside to this is I have been able to wear these mega cute new shoesies that I bought—and they make me feel like dancin'!

Here are the details:

+ Green dress tunic, Target
+ Gray sweater, Thrifted
+ Cropped jeans, Old Navy
+ AMAZING flower toe shoes, Miss L-Fire
+ Red heart pendant

Are you guys having a great summer?? I hope so!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gettin' Caught Up: Where the Hell Is Alix?

Hey gang! I've been busy busy this summer....and I still haven't taken any summer vacation time! (Saving that up for August, doncha know.)

Have you swung by Modern Kiddo at all? We've had some fun posts that I think you would like (whether you have kiddos or not).

In honor of Comic Con, I decided to to a little tribute to one of my favorite 70s movies of all times STAR WARS!

It's a totally fun post, if I do say so myself. Check out all the retro fun HERE!

Back in July we had an awesome time in Fresno. Yes Fresno. It was hotter-n-hell but we were with some of our favorite family friends and spent the day sweatin', BBQ-ing and having some 4th of July fun.

Read about it HERE!

And then back in June I was honored to have been a speaker at EVO: Women in Social Media conference. It was a ton of fun, (I went with Dottie, my Modern Kiddo partner in crime) and we did a pretty silly/fun little recap of our adventure.

I promise it was super fun. Check it out over HERE!

How have you guys been? Anything new going on in your world? Feel free to comment and leave me a link to something on YOUR blog that I might have missed!


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