Tuesday, November 24, 2009

THANKGIVING Retro Roundup.

Oooh la la. Tis nearly time for ze bird. I"m super excited because I have Wed-Fri off. Whoo hoo. What is everyone up to? Have you decided what to cook? Are you staying home or going to someone elses house? I'm in charge of mashed potaters and a dessert. I'm also trying to think of a yummy pre-dinner cocktail to make. Anyone have any ideas or recommendations? I'm going to try and squeeze in one more posts before T-Day my lovelies but then I'm gonna take a the weekend off! I hope you all have a super relaxing and fabulous holiday.

This video is extremely bizarro because the person set it to old Twilight Zone "spooky" music, but it's worth a look for the lady's beehive alone! You'll see what I mean.

XOXO, alex

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Linky Dinks: TGIF, people!

Well my friends, count down to T-Day has begun. I'm telling ya, I just love fall and allll the holidays that go along with it. Thanksgiving is always so much fun—it's kinda hard to go wrong with good friends and good food, isn't it? It also means that we are getting THAT MUCH CLOSER to December which just blows my mind! Where has this year gone, people??

OK, so on to this weeks links! This is a rather random mish mash of things, my little mix tape of links. But these are the things that have been catching my eye this week.

As a fan of moody, old timey looking portraits, this painting by Marion Peck had me cracking up. I'd love to see it hanging over a fireplace in an ornate frame!! Get your own print HERE.

If you are a Tim Burton fan and anywhere near NYC, this exhibit at MoMA is a must! For those of us who are too far away, the lovely Gala Darling was at the opening celebration and took some really fun photos.

I love clever things and this one is pretty darn cute. Ad agency Y&R/Bankok created these awesome ice cream bars for their client, Colgate. When you're done eating it, the "stick" transforms into a toothbrush that reminds you to brush your teeth after eating. Sweet!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, my friend Tracy over at the glorious Shutterbean (seriously, AMAZING recipes and yumtastic photos to go along with 'em) hooked me up with some DEElishus looking recipes. The brussel sprouts look really damn tasty. If you're not a fan of brussel sprouts then I maintain you have never had 'em done propa. A bad brussel is bitter and not too tasty, true, but done right they can be soooo amazing! She also has me eyeing these pumpkin parfaits. Mmmm. Find it all HERE.

Oh ho! Those crafty Tokyo designers have been taking their cute pills again. Leave it to the Japanese to find a way to make something as mundane as a bar code make you smile. And yes, they are functioning bar codes!

A house smiles in Brooklyn. Photographer Dan Witz took these great shots of this home on Meeker between N. Henry and Humboldt. (As an aside, his last name means joke in German....hmmm). Pretty cute, no? See more of his work HERE.

And finally, check out this pretty amazing video. One wall. 5 Years of Grafitti. And Serge Gainsbourg. Cool.

Have an amazing weekend my friends. *mwuah!*

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nicoletta Ceccoli is Primo.

If you are a fan of Mark Ryden, Marion Peck and the pop surrealist movement, then you'll probably dig Miss Nicoletta Ceccoli, a talented illustrator from Italy. I like that her work is darkly dreamy (melancholy?) but still has a bit of a feminine prettiness and whimsy to it. Not too dark or creepy. Most of the images could be plates in a children's book of fairytales. I'm liking it.

Read an interview with Nicoletta over at Arrested Motion.
IMAGES: Nicoletta Ceccoli.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wolfie rocks the Stella.

Stella McCartney recently launched a super cute kid's collection for the Gap. We have a flagship store downtown, here in San Francisco, so I got a gander at all the goodies first hand. I must say they had a huge-n-perty display when the line came out. The little girl stuff is especially Shiloh Jolie-Pitt-ish. It was all so stylish and chic looking ( i love the sneaks) and despite the fact that I knew it was all WAY too spendy, I was transfixed.
As I stood there admiring a crazy soft charcoal cashmere hoodie (because don't all toddlers need cashmere??), a row of coats and jackets caught my eye—especially these two.

The little drum major coat was hilariously cute. Totally adorable, I can't lie, but I mean....really? Where does one go with a child in a little toy soldier jacket? The playground? Grocery shopping? "Drum Line 2" try-outs?? But then i saw the little pea coat. And it was sooo freakin' cute I just HAD to see it on Wolfie. I looked at the price tag and about fell over. All the Stella stuff is pretty pricey (little drummer boy was $128, peacoat $78.). Which is just crazy talk for kids clothes. BUT, I was dying to see Wolfie in this little coat. So I bought it. And then returned it. But not before I was able to snap a few photos. Heh.

By the way, Wolfie's verdict? "Mommy, this jacket is not very cozy." "Mommy, this top part is toooo high on my neck!!" "Mommy, it's too pokey!!" and of course "MOMMY NO MORE PICTURES!!"

The coat looks crazy cute, but it's unlined, a scratchy wool and a scandalous $75. Stella my love, if you're going to make kid's clothes they've gotta be comfy. And in the words of my wise little son, these just ain't cozy.

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Style Files: Anna Sui Likes to Gossip

I totally succumbed to the Anna Sui collection at Target. Do I feel weird that this is the "Gossip Girl" collection? Nope! So, apparently this is a "Serena" dress. And while I'm neither svelte, leggy or blonde, I think it's kind of a cool dress. It has these weird metallic, plastic spikey things (kinda like punk rock paillettes) around the neck. I read some reviews where people expressed disappointment that the spikes were plastic and not something more substantial like metal. Personally I'm not too psyched about wearing something resembling a mini bear trap around my neck, so i was totally A-OK with the plastic. It's got kind of a looooow neck line, which I can't quite figure out how to work. I either need to take in the shoulder straps OR invest in some sticky tape. If you are thinking of getting this dress I would say a few things. It runs BIG in the hips, which was lovely news for me....but if you are very slim I would go down a size. Also, the neckline is def tricky. Not sure of bigger boobage would be better to hold it up or if it would look scandalous?? I also think it would hang better on someone taller....but I still am digging it! Because of the low neck, I feel like its more of a going out look. I usually love taking fancy stuff and dressing it down, but the potential for awkward neckline action isn't my idea of a fun day!

+ Anna Sui Gossip Girl Collection, Target
+ Little Black cardigan with birdie applique, Target (eons ago)
+ Grey Booties, Kohls
+ Silver Mini Handbag, vintage
+ Pink beads, thrifted

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vintage Kids: Beware of the Dog

An awesome little book from 1968. Written by Christine Woyke and illustrated by Stina Nagel. As usual I really love the clothes the kidlets are wearing. Some hip duds!

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Monday, November 16, 2009


Brooklyn-based artist Stella Im Hultberg has a super cool name. While she sounds like a Bavarian Princess, she was born in Korea and raised in Seoul, Hong Kong and eventually California. Her work has a very dark, sexy, moody style (I'm spyin' some influence by Egon Schiele, no?) but I especially loved getting a peek at her sketch books.

IMAGES: Stella Im Hultberg and Stella's Blog

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