Friday, May 21, 2010

Guess who's in MAEVE Magazine?

A while back I stumbled upon a really cool photographer from Australia named Kate Vale. Her kid's photos were stunning—super saturated colors and so much energy in them. I was smitten! I reached out to her to see if I could post them on Modern Kiddo and we struck up a friendship. Fast forward many months and Kate, being the dynamo that she is, launched a new e-mag called MAEVE. It's so beautifully designed and filled with totally cool photos, fashion, and fun articles. Of course I'm biased because I have an article in MAEVE too!

When Kate asked me to participate I wasn’t quite sure what to write about, but then I thought, “What about a story about how two girl friends meet??” And so the “Me and My Bestie” series was born! I think the article turned out really well. Please swing by and take a look—in addition to all the swell content, you’ll get to hear about how Dottie and I ended up starting Modern Kiddo!

Thank you so much Kate! We’re honored to be a part of your inaugural issue!

Click here to subscribe to MAEVE and to check out my article! (it’s freeee!)

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Style Files: Retro Relaxed

So I had planned on wearing a vintage dress to the Tupperware party, but alas I was racing around with Wolfie and some friends of ours (ok, fine.....we went to a Pokemon Tournament if you must know. It was nerdy and hilarious...and boring as hell for the parents. But the kids were in heaven!). Anyway, I had to race back home and literally had to throw something together. Despite my hair being a rats nest, I was feelin' mighty fine...

Check out how cute these sandals are. They came with those little flower pins—which look so totally vintage, I was dying. I tweeted about 'em already because I love them sooo.....grab a pair of your own from Target, ladies. Super comfy too!

Here are the details:

+ Retro-inspired print dress/apron, Target (alas, from a year or so ago)
+ Black Cardigan, Vera Wang for Kohls cardigan
+ Cropped side zip jeans, Old Navy
+ Miss Trish of Capri flower sandals, Target
+ Vintage Sequin Kitty Kat Handbag (not Enid Collins, but inspired by)
+ Little teensy pink felt flower made by my friend Jenny/Frecklewonder
+ Pink bubble gum ball necklace. Argh. I can't remember where this is from.

Fancy that! Two post in one day! I think I'm on a rolllll.


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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Ultimate Retro Tupperware Party

So, the other day I went to a Tupperware party. If you're like me then you probably just said, "Whuuuh? They still have Tupperware parties??" (OK, i guess if you read the previous post you didn't say that....) but YES! They still have tupperware parties. For those not in the know, Tupperware was a line of plastic house goods launched in 1946. It was in the 50s when Tupperware really took off as ladies threw lively parties to encourage their fellow housewives to buy buy buy Tupperware!

One of my besties, the lovely Doe, was the mastermind behind this and true to form it was a fantastic bash— held in the fabulous home of Doe's sassy pal Rusty. Rusty is quite the collector and her place was chocked full of vintage goodies. Really amazing stuff! But the best part was, pretty much everyone dressed up in vintage house dressies. It was a total blast!

Not sure what is happening with this mannequin's hand? (maybe she got too close to the grill?). I'm in love with this huge BBQ salt-n-peppa shakers. HOT HOT HOT!

This was our hostess with the mostess—the lovely Karen! She is an old bloggie pal of mine who I had never actually met in person. Lemme tell ya ladies, this girlie is a sparklin' gem. If she hosted these parties every night I'd be there. She was THAT GOOD! So fun and cute.

Please notice the genius vintage fabric dressie and apron she is wearing. AMAZING! To up the ante on cuteness, vintage treats were on the menu (high lights included deviled eggs, veggie pigs-in-a-blanket and lemon chiffon pie). The entire kitchen was kind of amazing....also, since I'm such a 60s/70s girlie, it was fun to see a place that was all about 40s and 50s. Super swell...

You'll notice that Michelle, Karen's Tupperware partner-in-crime, is wearing a MATCHING DRESS. Seriously, how cute are they??

While we spent the first half hour admiring each others cute outfits and chatting....we were ultimately there for the Tupperware. And honestly, it didn't disappoint! It now comes in super cool colors (mmmm, peacock blue....) and cute new sizes (my fave? the smidget....for lil portions). Of course Karen is so good, she could sell ice to an's no wonder I shelled out $24 for a set of deluxe ice cute trays. *sigh* That was a typo. They're ice cube trays. But they are pretty damn cute...

Oh, and guess what? You can still *burp* the lid. Woot!

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Vintage Tupperware and MORE!

Friends, I have SO MANY THINGS to post about!!! I just need a few more hours in the day. I will have some updates for you soooon I promise (hopefully by end of day). Let me leave you with this little teaser: I went to a retro-styled Tupperware party. Oh yes indeedy! And it. Was. Awesome.

This is me pretending to "burp" my little faux Tupperware (OOPS! don't tell Karen, my Mistress of Tupperware I'm cheatin' on her with this little cutie from Target...).

How is everyone doing? Check in again later pretty please. I'll have more pictures for you and hopefully even more tomorrow!

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Style Files: Comfy and Cute

Hey gang! It's FRIDAY. Whoo hoo! I have so many things I want to share with you, I'm just not finding enough hours in the day! So I thought this was the perfect time for a lil Style Files action. This is me chillin' on a weekend (last weekend to be precise!). No makeup and pretty minimal effort (as evidenced by my scraggly-ass hair...sorry!). But I kind of wanted to show you guys "me" au natural. I am wearing a tinted lippie, but nothing else. This is a super comfy (and I thought cute!) outfit for bummin' around with my boys. We went to brunch, hit the bookstore/groovy toy store, and even took lil walk....

I noticed I had some crazy grey hairs peekin' out. Argh! I'm like Albert Einstein with the crazy grays! You'll be pleased to know I have since dyed it dark.

+ Boyfriend jeans, Old Navy
+ Tunic Top, Forever 21
+ Green cardigan, Thrifted
+ Leopard flats, Target
+ Rhinestone butterfly pendant, Topshop in London
+ Vinyl tote, Paul Frank

What are your plans for the weekend? We are FINALLY having some glorious weather over here in the Bay Area! I can't wait to kick it outside.


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