Friday, May 29, 2009

A sweet little break.

Call me crazy but there is something magical and soothing about this's nothing but a turntable spinning around, but the song is so lovely. I feel like I could sit and watch it spin forever. Well....almost. Now if only it was a vintage record player. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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Style Me Up, Scotty!

Have you ever wondered what it was about that amazing dress in the Anthropologie catalogue that really made you swoon? Was it the fabric? The cut? The color? Or was it, perhaps, simply the photograph? Maybe even more specifically....the styling? Photo styling is an amazing art. It's what can take an image from being a 9, to a 10 1/2. I have long been a vintage clothing seller on eBay and in the early days we all simply hung our clothes on a hanger or on a dress mannequin. One day I decided I needed to wear the dress so that you could see the way it hung. But then the dress seemed so plain, I knew I needed to add a cute handbag....and maybe some fun shoes....and of course a bold necklace to really show off the color of the dress. Before I knew it I had styled up a whole outfit—and the dress sold like hot cakes. I noticed a handful of other sellers (like my adorable pal Jenny of the incredible  frecklewonder vintage) were doing this too. The more we styled it up, the more people could really envision it as an outfit they might wear! Fast forward years ahead and today's eBay-ers are taking it to a whole new level, complete with fancy photo shoots and professional models. Ahh, the power of "the style."
In my work we often hire stylists to help us snazz up our shoots. Most people think being a stylist is simply about finding clothing and accessories, but there is a whole world of non-fashion stylists—and they're the ones who intrigue me the most. They are the wild minds who bring crazy props and gorgeous little details to each image to make it even more special. One of my favorites prop stylists is Robyn Glaser. Her work has filled the pages of
Blueprint, Anthropologie, Domino and countless other pieces. I know I'm not the only one who loves her because as I was searching for images and info I discovered that my lovely Holly just posted about her on decor8 a few weeks ago (how I missed this, I’ll never know!).  So with a nod to Holly, may I present The Coolest Job Ever....


View the rest of Robyn’s genius portfolio.
Swooooon! Those images make me crazy. And check this out, the groovy Apartment
Therapy posted photos of her summer cabin (I use the term "cabin" loosely). I think everyone’s smitten with Robyn/cabin fever!

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Vintage Storybook Charms

Well you all know by now that I’m gaga for vintage children’s books. So I wanted to share with you my pal Kristen’s amazing jewelry. She takes adorable illustrations from vintage children’s books and makes the most deeeelightful “storybook charms” to hang off necklaces. Even better, she uses vintage beads and charms to make the necklaces. There are images on both sides, so it's almost like two necklaces in one. Adorable, no? So sweet, funky and cool….just like you! Honestly, I think you need one.

Check out more of her awesome stuff at Mood Swing Studios.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Slim Aarons and the Beautiful People

I love the work of Slim Aarons. He perfectly captured the jet set era of the 50s and 60s. His subjects were primarily the upscale and wealthy, from young Hollywood starlets to Pucci-clad Italian princesses and WASPy American socialites. His photos have this amazing combination of day-in-the-life and other worldliness. Let’s be clear though, through Slim’s lense, this is aslice of life like none we mere mortals have ever lived! It has been said that he perfected the “environmental portrait,” so rather than having his subjects pose in the traditional stiff, formal manner, he featured people in their natural environment. I think Slim said it best, he photographed "attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places." I love that. (I also love how I keep calling him Slim, like we were best pals or something…haha.) Such a great way to have documented this lost era of style. 
His images have been very influential on modern day photographers—his work is often imitated, but nothing beats the real deal.

The brilliant Babe Paley chillin' by the pool in 1959. I love old socialite names...

This is one of his most famous pieces, featuring American socialite CZ Guest wandering poolside with her little boy and their pups.

"Two bikini-clad holidaymakers enjoy a glass of wine outside the Carlton Hotel, Cannes."
Hmmm, is a holidaymaker like a freshmaker?

This must have been closer to the early 70s...the swingin' young crowd. The credits for this image are awesome:
Circa 1970, British photographer Lord Lichfield holding a Hasselblad camera. On his arm is Marina Lante della Rovere, to the left is Ines Torlonia, and reclining is Signoria Gancia, Porto Ercole, Italy.

Please note the gentleman's pants and the dogs on the Rolls. Genius.

This dapper gent kills rich, so orange!

Truman Capote "relaxes with a book and a cigarette".

Yes. It's Joan Collins. And oh yes. Her poodle is pink.

Mexican film starlet Dolores Del Rio and her itsy bitsy teeny weeny bandeau top.

This is exactly how I take my bed, with my monocle. FABULOUS!
Sigh. I really  adore that Slim Aarons fella. What an eye! Don't you agree??

Images and More Images

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Style Files: Brighter is Better

I love color (no kidding, right??). I guess this outfit is kinda my version of preppy....and with the exception of the shoes, everything was really affordable too. I've been intrigued by the resurgence of yellow popping up everywhere. I have to say that this cardigan was something I would have nevvvverrr bought a few years ago. But ya know, it really made me feel sunny and upbeat. I'm not 100% sure on the floral top...i love the fabric but its pretty boxy and I feel a you say.....shapeless? But the pinks are pretty awesome. OK, on to the deets!

+ Canary yellow cardigan. Old Navy
+ Tracy Feith floral top, Target (in stores now)
+ Kelly green skirt with eyelet detail, Old Navy (in stores now, also in white and a peacock blue!)
+ Vintage beads, thrifted
+ Little deer pendant, Forever 31, er...21
+ Hot pink and rhinestone dragonfly sandals, Kate Spade
+ Vintage Enid Collins Butterfly bag

By the by, Old Navy has a ton of stuff on sale right now. The skirt, alas, was not. But I spied a bunch of bright fun cardigans while I was there and THEE cutest vinyl raincoat that looked so Kate Spade mod (it had a dusty blue and white pattern, super chic) and was like $8. If you have time, get over there! I love fancy snazzers but I'm also all about finding cute and affordable stuff too. Lemme know if you score anything!

Also I love this new Target collection. It's very colorful and fun. Sadly the dresses were all sold out but they are super fun and beachy cool. I'm eyeing the red lollipop top. See more HERE.

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Seeing Double with L Felipe dos Santos

I'm notoriously nosey. Or maybe it's just naturally curious. I love getting a peek into people's lives, homes, name it (let me clarify, only when offered up! I'm not one of those people who opens medicine cabinets or anything like that!). So when I stumbled upon L. Felipe dos Santos sketch book, I was hooked. I looooove the amazing mix of watercolor and ink, but it's his process that is really so very clever. He begins by making a watercolor that resembles something of a Rorschach Inkblot test, and then inks on top of that. His work is really great. Take a gander:

See more of his work here. I only picked a wee selection, his other stuff is equally lovely.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Clothes of Tomorrow.

This is brilliant. It's a clip from the 1930s where leading fashion designers were asked to speculate what they thought people would be wearing in the year 2000. The announcer is hilarious. I think "Ooooh swish!" will be my new catch phrase...

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Kermit ze Frog? Tres chic.

There is fashion....and then there is FASHION. I don't know where I've been, but I only recently discovered Jean Charles de Castelbajac. ("Say what?" oh good....maybe you haven't heard of him either...) His clothes push avante garde to the extreme. Playful, outrageous, silly, amazing, shocking. You name it. JC de CB has done it. And while the kermit the frog coat it a leeetle bit insane, I would kill to wear this Michael Jackson dress. 

OK, so now you're probably thinking I've lost my mind....but stick with me here. His runway shows are more like performance art. I know if I saw someone wearing this on the red carpet I'd probably be the first to giggle and make a snarky joke. But you have to appreciate how insanely cool and zany this stuff is. This was his latest collection, I believe—and there are little elements here and there that I think the average gal could totally rock:

Lego hat anyone?? But I think the dress is pretty great.

I love the idea of wearing stacks of fun jewelry in bold primary
colors like this...the hat, not so much. The necklaces remind me
of 80s friendship beads.

Heehee, that suit is soooo Elton John. But check out this coat 
and that huge-but-darling red bow on the next photo, pretty adorable no?

And of course, this Obama dress totally rules. Love that sequin smile!

Apparently Katy Perry wore it to the European Music Awards.
Amazing. I know this stuff is way over the top, but it's a good
reminder that fashion can be playful...and we don't have to
take ourselves toooo seriously!

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