Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vintage Ephemera—With a Rebel Yell!

You know I'm always yackin' about how much cooler and cuter things were in the 60s and 70s. And sure, we all know about things like illustrations and furniture and clothing. But what about.....car brochures? Mmmm hmm. Bet ya didn't think about those, eh? Well lucky for you I've taken care of that. This is a brochure for the 1967 Rambler Rebel SST. And once again, my favorite decade doesn't disappoint!

The first two are my favorites....that top one could be an album cover, no?? But I'm also dying over the dude with the orange George Hamiltan holding a pitchfork in #3. Then again #4 with the glammy girls and those huge blocks in the field and the crazy "Cavorting Cabana" romp in #5....whooo hooo! And of course the robin's egg blue station wagon in the last one is just the most. To say the least.

And hey. Two posts in a row. That cleansing rain totally worked!

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  1. oooh great post! i love the blue wagon, but the hippies in the field are my favorite. hippies with a new car?! hilarious.

  2. This is too much goodness to bear, the cabana? Oh my word! I love it all. Rad post. :)

  3. my dream is to get a car like the red one- only in turquoise, convertible of course and use it as our fun summer car.
    if only the cars they made now had such personality!

  4. How much do you love the dress on the model in the first two? Beautiful.

    Psst - Hey Alex - - it's Heather. :-)

  5. #3 is sort of American Gothic! I love it!