Friday, May 7, 2010

Style Files: Comfy and Cute

Hey gang! It's FRIDAY. Whoo hoo! I have so many things I want to share with you, I'm just not finding enough hours in the day! So I thought this was the perfect time for a lil Style Files action. This is me chillin' on a weekend (last weekend to be precise!). No makeup and pretty minimal effort (as evidenced by my scraggly-ass hair...sorry!). But I kind of wanted to show you guys "me" au natural. I am wearing a tinted lippie, but nothing else. This is a super comfy (and I thought cute!) outfit for bummin' around with my boys. We went to brunch, hit the bookstore/groovy toy store, and even took lil walk....

I noticed I had some crazy grey hairs peekin' out. Argh! I'm like Albert Einstein with the crazy grays! You'll be pleased to know I have since dyed it dark.

+ Boyfriend jeans, Old Navy
+ Tunic Top, Forever 21
+ Green cardigan, Thrifted
+ Leopard flats, Target
+ Rhinestone butterfly pendant, Topshop in London
+ Vinyl tote, Paul Frank

What are your plans for the weekend? We are FINALLY having some glorious weather over here in the Bay Area! I can't wait to kick it outside.


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  1. adorable! i especially love the top! you are soo pretty without makeup. lucky girl! xoxo

    im getting gray hair like a mofo right now!

  2. beautiful! you have such a way with putting things together. if i'd thought of trying that, i would be afraid of looking like xmas. and yet, you don't.

    i tried a week or two ago to find the boyfriend jeans and could not for the life of me figure out where they were once i got in the store. are they pretty comfortable?

  3. Really, that is minimal effort?! Damn, I really need to step it up then... You are just too cute

  4. no makeup? wow you look beautiful!!!

  5. love your style here. very effortless.

  6. You look darling! Love your outfit & the au natural look!