Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Style Files: Retro Relaxed

So I had planned on wearing a vintage dress to the Tupperware party, but alas I was racing around with Wolfie and some friends of ours (ok, fine.....we went to a Pokemon Tournament if you must know. It was nerdy and hilarious...and boring as hell for the parents. But the kids were in heaven!). Anyway, I had to race back home and literally had to throw something together. Despite my hair being a rats nest, I was feelin' mighty fine...

Check out how cute these sandals are. They came with those little flower pins—which look so totally vintage, I was dying. I tweeted about 'em already because I love them sooo.....grab a pair of your own from Target, ladies. Super comfy too!

Here are the details:

+ Retro-inspired print dress/apron, Target (alas, from a year or so ago)
+ Black Cardigan, Vera Wang for Kohls cardigan
+ Cropped side zip jeans, Old Navy
+ Miss Trish of Capri flower sandals, Target
+ Vintage Sequin Kitty Kat Handbag (not Enid Collins, but inspired by)
+ Little teensy pink felt flower made by my friend Jenny/Frecklewonder
+ Pink bubble gum ball necklace. Argh. I can't remember where this is from.

Fancy that! Two post in one day! I think I'm on a rolllll.


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  1. preeeeety!! everyone is wearing aprons except me, i'm having apron envy.

    i like your cutie photobooth style pics at the end ;D

  2. Thank you Missy P! I'm realizing how much I miss Strawberry Lemonade. Alas, if only I had time to do both modern kiddo and thisone!

    This is a weird apron, since it's almost a dress. Kind of like the Orla one...I will send yer "surprise" shoes soooooooooon. They are waiting to be packed!!

  3. Cute... you have mastered the cute, sexy, cheeky look, (3rd pic). Love the font you used to write: What I wore... could you tell me what it is please? Adore the cats on your bag, too cute. :)

  4. Too cute! I love the whole look. You are one fab lady!

  5. hey alex, i LOVE your BLOG and your style...very fun! xxx k

  6. okay... you are the cutest and now i realize that it's time for this mama to get a pedicure. love you lady!


  7. Beautiful! Funky! Loving the shoes.

  8. Cute, cute, cute!! Fab outfit and you look great!