Sunday, August 29, 2010

Psst. I've been cheating on you: MAEVE Mag & Bleubird Vintage

hello lovelies. I have some fun posts coming (including a big ol Tiki Oasis recap, with loads of fab vintage tiki fashions) but in the mean time I have to confess, I've been cheating on ya'll. I have another article in the groovy MAEVE magazine. This time I wrote about my lerve of Blythe. I love Kate and Lou—the ladies of MAEVE. It was so much fun to write for them again, and Kate is a great designer and always make muh stuff look fab.

Read the whole article over at MAEVE mag.

I was also invited by the super lovely *miss* james at bleubird to guest post while she is spending time with her amazing, new little baby girl gemma. james is truly one of the sweetest and coolest chica's around so it was a honor to be asked. Here's a little sneakie peek:

Check out the whole post at bleubird.

more updates soon!

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  1. Hi, Alex! I am just now getting around to touching base with the wonderful people I met at Evo. I am loving your blog. The colors alone thrill me to pieces!

  2. Yay to all the cook stuff you are doing! Off to check out the article and guest post!