Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lilacs in the Rain.

We have had tons of rain lately. So much so that we had to postpone Wolfie's birthday party. It started with an innocent sprinkle of rain, but huge grey clouds soon loomed ominously in the sky. Big fat dollops fell which turned into a violent downpour. simply stopped. A few rays of sunshine appeared so I went outside—where I discovered that the lilac tree was in full bloom. Heaven! Lilacs are one of my favorite sense-memory smells. Their yummy scent immediately transports me back to my backyard in Michigan on a warm summer afternoon. I LOVE how they smell. I snipped a big bouquet and placed it on the windowsill above the kitchen sink and every time I stand there I can breath in the amazing fragrance. I actually look forward to doing the dishes now.

To help us chase away the rain storm blues, we played records, sang loudly, bopped our heads, and created little mini Lego masterpieces.

Is it raining where you are? Are the lilacs in bloom? (Shout out to Jenny! I know yer my fellow lilac lovin' girl!)

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  1. Those are my favorite too! We had some at my house that I grew up in as well. Believe it or not, we haven't been getting that much rain... I think its coming though. My garden is starting to bloom and the peony bushes should be coming shortly. aaahhhh there is nothing like Spring. Stella got her own pots that "she" planted petunias in. I'll have to send you pics. xo

  2. aw you're so purdy sniffing the flowers! i've never seen real live lilacs but if my strawberry shortcake scratch and sniff book taught me anything its that they do smell lovely!

    glad the rain had an upside :)

  3. Happy Thursday, sweetie! The lilacs look pretty! And the Legos bring back such fond memories! Thank you for dropping by my humble spot on the web today! Muah! Talk to you soon! P.S., I am also following you on twitter!

  4. Amazing pictures of the lilacs! They are beautiful.

    You have a great blog. So glad I found it.