Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vintage Kiddo Album Art Rules.

What idiot decided it would be a good idea for me to run TWO BLOGS??? Oh wait a sec. That would be me. Heh. Sometimes it's hard to keep up I tell ya.

Well I promise I have some fun stuff to post over here that will be going up later today (and by today I mean before the clock striked midnight, yo). BUT I wanted to point you in the direction of Modern Kiddo for just a moment. I have a super cool Vintage Record Album post up that I just know you guys will love. I mean how cute is this:

or this:

Is that tacky to give myself a shout out??? Hmmm. Maybe. OK OK. Just to make it up to you, here are two bonus albums that didn't make the cut on Modern Kiddo:

See? You're getting BONUS CONTENT! That's how much I love you. Now do a girl a favor and head over to Modern Kiddo to check out the rest of the vintage goodness.

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  1. The record albums are so cute! Love 'em!


  2. I had ALL of those!!! Why in the hell didn't anyone save these when my grandma passed??