Monday, January 11, 2010

Me So Crazy. Modern Kiddo is Here!

Hello friends. I have a wee announcement. Apparently running a zillion miles a minute isn't enough for I've started another blog. It's very different from Strawberry Lemonade (which remains my baby, so nope, I'm not goin' anywhere and I'll continue to serve up pretty pictures and lots of vintage goodness for you all!).

But about this new blog. My sweet pal Dottie recently asked me to join her as she tested the waters in the kid arena and I couldn't resist. Our blog is called Modern Kiddo and will feature fun, cute kid's clothing with a healthy dose of well-designed kids toys and room decor thrown in for good measure. If you have a little one, c'mon by! Don't forget to bookmark us and please, spread the word! MODERN KIDDO is here!

Our super cute masthead was designed by the ever so lovely Pilgrim of Draw Pilgrim! Her work is fabulous, so be sure to pop on over and say hello!

OH, and if you have a hot tip, cool link or picture of YOUR Modern Kiddo, be sure to send 'em my way! Email us at alixndottie @modernkiddo .com

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  1. Great! Bookmarked your new pages! Such a lovely idea.

  2. i'm there!

    that squirrel shirt is the first item of clothing i purchased for my first born. we're also fond of their shirt with the reindeer playing the accordion.

  3. oops... i didn't realize that shirt was available from other stores. they have them at the ferdinand home store as well.

  4. hooray! i will share on ze freckle blog soon :)
    love it!

  5. do i even need to say how excited i am to read this? i expect a feature on my boys in the future. i will get their fashions ready :)

  6. hooray! so exciting to see all the cute finds. the word must be spread :)

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE it clever lady! Send me your banner asap so I can put it up on Bondville. Too fantastic! xxx