Friday, January 8, 2010

Best of Strawberry Lemonade: Part 1

Now that 2009 has drawn to a close, I thought it would be fun to share with you guys a handful of the posts I liked best this past year! There is a mix of personal favorites and posts that seemed to spark the most interest with you guys. If you’ve seen them all before, apologies! But here’s hoping you see something fun that you might have missed the first time around!

1. Strawberry Lemonade Vintage.

I’m an obsessive collector. I will say I’m not quite at the hoarders stage….yet. My rationale is that I don’t save junk. I obsessively collect vintage trinkets. So at least my stuff looks pertier than stacks of old newspapers and molding food! (hewww…..that show just freaks me out!)
I literally have enough vintage clothing to open up a shop and I am hoping to have a little Etsy magic happening this year. Until then, here was a popular peek at some of my goodies. Hmmm…..that didn’t come out quite right. Well, you know what I mean, right??
See the full post here.

2. Balloons

One day I was getting ready to do my little “What I Wore” fashion post and in walks Greg with a colossal bunch of balloons. Wolfie and I were amazed. I couldn’t resist grabbing them to use in the picture. See the full post here.

3. A German Rose

Last year was an especially tough one for me emotionally. Lots of tough things happened, but by far the most heartbreaking for me was the loss of my Tante Maria. She was full of life and vigor. This tribute post I did remains one of my favorites—don’t be afraid to click. It’s very uplifting and more a celebration of how awesome she was.
See the full post here.

4. The Cutest Vintage Car Ever

You may think you know the cutest car out there, but until you feast your eyes on the Renault Jolly, you really have never seen cute.
See the full post here.

5. Granny Chic is Still Tops

I love sandals with socks, metallic or jewelled handbags and little cardigans. Yep. It's a little granny-esque, but I prefer to think of it as Granny Chic! Take a gander at what I mean here.

6. Vintage Teen Bedrooms are Jivey, baby!

I have a collection of vintage children's books which all have charming stories and even more charming illustrations. One of my prized possessions, however, is this book on decorating your bedroom. It's from 1960 and crammed full of fabulous slang, in the most ridiculous and awesome way!! Check out the book here.

7. The Clothes of Tomorrow
This video is brilliant and was one of my most tweeted posts of the year. It's a short little clip from the 1930s where leading fashion designers were asked to speculate what they thought people would be wearing in the year 2000. The announcer is hilarious. I think "Ooooh swish!" will be my new catch can watch it below but if you'd like to link to it, the original post is here.

Part 2 to come later!



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  1. Wow! That is a lot of vintage clothing... I so wish I had a room just for my clothes, lol.

  2. Oh my gosh your vintage clothes are amazing! I'm loving that color block dress and the sweater with the pom pom sleeves!

  3. Thanks guys!!! Someday I swear I'll have that big sale (in person or online).

  4. Alex!
    I am stunned at it all!
    I mean trully!
    How can someone be so unique!
    You remind me of my really great friend in college!
    When I met her...I was totally mesmerized!
    She unique!
    We used to go back and forth about who did DOT LETTERS the cutest!
    She now lives in LA.
    Her house had been featured on Apartment Therapy...and she has designed the sets for all of the Apprentice shows and The Survivor shows! VEry unique...just like you!
    Those vintage clothes...OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. gaaah *drooool* the vintage dresses... mwahaha i'm in yr state, stealing yr dresses (kidding, of course!!)

  6. Hey lovely Alex! I haven't forgotten you (how could I?!)... I just haven't had much blog reading time for sooo long. I hope this is a truly fabulous year for you and I promise to stop by and say hello more often again.

    I loved all these previous posts and I'm more than happy for you to remind me of them again. Keep up the excellent work - I'll never tire of all the retro goodness here at Strawberry Lemonade.


  7. such awesome eye candy! all of it!
    your vintage clothing collection is to die for !!!!

  8. Are you seriously opening a vintage shop on Etsy? Yay! I have been a fan of your clothes since your Ebay/Live Journal days. :)

    My Etsy: