Thursday, January 14, 2010

Style Files: New Years Eve

Oooh I haven't done one of these in a awhile. I really loved the new Rodarte line for Target, but wasn't sure what the pieces would be like in person. This lace-print dress is pretty awesome! I added a belt & some bright tights for a lil color, because we all know I love me some color. By the way, this was outside the studio where Greg's band The Time Outs (a kid's rock band) was doing their "early count down" show for the kidlets—that's why there is a random neon sign by me. I was kind of over dressed for a 4:30 show, but that's how I roll, friends.

Despite his expression, Wolfie had a fabulous time. I, on the other hand, felt like death warmed over. My nasty bronchial thing was in full swing....but sometimes you feel a little better if you put on something perty. It worked for a few hours, then I was pooped!

Here are the details:

+ Rodarte for Target lace-print dress
+ Vera Wang for Kohls cardigan
+ Purple patent belt
+ Purple tights, We Love Colors
+ Vintage rhinestone necklace
+ Gray booties, Kohls
+ Cheapy New Year's tiara ( i love those things!)

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  1. Aaahh you look so fab!
    Love the purple tights.
    Hope you are feeling better now.

  2. Oh Strawberry Lemonade...
    Do you know how I wish you lived on Bainbridge Island and we could be best friends!
    I totallllllly adore you in that outfit and so think it is too cool that you posted about an outfit!
    You are just too favorite kind of...oh so hard to find...person!
    I love it!
    Those purple tights just make it!
    And the little gray boots...well I want those now!
    I wish you would do this everyday!
    Going to email you soon in answer to your sweet request to know how greg and i ended up all the way across the country on Bainbridge Island...from Alabama! Guess I need to post about it!
    So sweet and honored that you were talking to your hubby and telling him about us!
    XXOOXX a PINK WEEK Giveaway next week!
    I do hope you will pop over and check out my party invite!

  3. Lurrrvvv the purple... and I want your ankle boots. :) HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

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  5. Foxy, sassy. As always.

    P.S. is that you're baby? he's SMASHING!