Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Style Files: Fur the Love of Fashion

Faux fur mania has hit the Lemonade Stand! So with a crazy schedule like mine I rarely have the luxury of going into a store and leisurely trying on clothes. My new M.O. is to ball park the things I like (for size and fit) and then take them home to try on. Most stores have great return policies these days, so I can then return the things that don't fit or look right. My latest conquest was a little furry jacket. If I were tall and leggy I would rock it with jeans and platform shoes, but being a shorty I went for the dress-n-colored tights look. But which color?? (is there an echo in here? Seems like I JUST asked you guys this same question a few weeks ago!) The white seems fluffy and purty but the black seems a little bad ass. Whacha guys think? Also, would it surprise you if I told you this lovely is available for $29 at Target? Oh yes. They have a more Rachel Zoe-ish vest as well, but that made me look like a Flintstone's reject. This cropped one has a little cap sleeve that is pretty darlin'. Which you like?

They're both kind of ridiculous, I know. But oh so cozy and fun!

I couldn't find this on their website, but I have still seen them in stores.
I thought this furry coat was cute as well as this retro cape with faux fur collar!

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  1. the cat necklace, THE CAT NECKLACE!!!!!!!!

    ok. i am torn. i lean towards the black, but the white looks flipping amazing on you, so fresh and pretty next to your gorgeous face + pretty red lips.

    and btw, it is i, lady freckle, incase blogger scrambles my identity.

  2. I love the white on you! It really brightens up your face and your whole look! It looks great on you without looking "TOO white" (which is what I would be worried about.)

  3. Pretty darn cute!!! I really love the black one and actually like how you styled it better than a "Rachel Zoe-ish" typical look!
    By the by do you Poupee Girl?
    Its an online Japanese paper doll site that I adore,they are doing lots of fun pixel-fur right now!

    Oh ,I pick black definitely!

  4. Jenny: I know, the white is pretty great (thanks for noticing the cat necklace. It's very popular with the girls in Wolfie's kindergarten! heehee)

    Plastic Pearls: howdy! I know what you mean about too white. I was worried too. I have to say it kind of looks better at night ( a little more luxe). But its pretty fun!

    jungle dream pagoda: oooh you like the black huh! I can totally see you wearing this too. Target baby!!!!