Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let them eat cake!

Mmmm. Cake. You know, back in the day people really made an effort with their cakes. I kind of miss that. Nowadays people either create insane Martha style fancy cakes OR buy store cakes (with that gross, sickly sweet frosting....shudder). I will say I'm a fan of a cute and simple old timey two layer cake. My specialties are chocolate frosting/yellow cake with M&Ms all over the top (cute, easy, tasty and festive!) and then a lemon cake with cream cheese frosting (which is sooooo freaklin' scrumpdillyicious I can't stand it). We were just at a birthday party recently and the mom wheeled out what looked like a grossly sweet POWDER BLUE SPIDERMAN cake. Well shut my mouth, because it was sooooo amazingly delicious. The dad is a chef, so i should have known the cake would be good. It was like a chocolate truffle cake with buttercream frosting that they just dyed blue. Like SO GOOD, I wanted to stand on a chair and say "Children! You don't know how good this cake is!!!!" But for all my yackin', I'm never that adventurous myself. Cupcakes are all the rage with the kindergarten set so we tend to always make those (and I do love cupcakes). I still miss those proper homemade 'fun" cakes of the 70s though. I mean take a look at these babies....yowza! (pardon the well loved butter and flour stains on the little pages)

I love the butterfly, lion and giraffe. The little girl and teddy bear are a TAD creepy, no? "Slab of pink "leg" anyone??" Hewwww!!!

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  1. very cute! but, I'm frightened by "the Cut Up Kids"

  2. bless you for posting these cakes. i stress out mightily every year come oliver's birthday time trying to figure out a cake.

    perhaps i shall attempt one of these next summer.

  3. aww these are super cute! my mum was pretty ace at making fun cakes, but i admit i am not so adventurous.

    i love all the fuzzy coconut decoration. that lion up top is my fave!

  4. this is sooo inspiring! I especially love the doll and rocking horse!
    I swear i'm going to try this for the next birthday!

  5. My mum had this book! I remember it so well, especially the square lion. She made me the butterfly cake one year.

  6. I love it! (Well, the kids ARE creepy). I'm thinking I should use this as inspiration and make the Mister an Ugly Doll cake for his birthday - what do you think?

  7. I never realized that Jack and Jill had to have both arms amputated after they fell down the hill.