Monday, November 2, 2009

We Tricked and Treated.

ARGH matey! So we had a pretty great Halloween. I'm usually a fan of costumes you make yourself, but this year I decided to bust out and buy a pirate costume. Problem was, this cheapo outfit made me look like I should be workin' as a waitress at a Long John Silvers ("Will ye be havin' hushpuppies with yer orderrrrrrrrrr??"). Whoooo chile, the puffy sleeve action was outta control. I ended up adding my own skirt and boots and tights for the deal and have to admit, I had a the best time talking like a pirate the whole night (annoying everyone around me to be sharrrrrrrrrrr!)

We got a little costume happy over here during the course of the weekend. We went to a cocktail party on Friday (kids welcome, which was a great....we all got to have our lil drinkies and the kids had a blast munching on the outrageous snack table). Greg was out of control and had THREE costumes he wore throughout the weekend. He went as the "Elegant Giraffe" to Wolfie's school party (aka, he put on his Frankenstein suit and then Wolfie decided the mask was too scary and asked him to wear the giraffe mask he was a giraffe in a suit and bow tie. Oddly charming!). Next up, Friday night, he went as Gallagher, the crazy 70s/80s comedian who used to smash watermelons. A bit obscure, but hilarious whether you knew who he was or not. Then on Saturday, his kid band The Time Outs played the Bay Area Discovery museum—I convinced him that the kids would have NO CLUE who Gallagher was, so he did a last minute make shift super hero outfit and went as Super Greg (complete with a towel cape and a sparkly motorcycle helmet, from an old Evel Knievel costume of mine years ago). The audience ate it up! He's pretty amazing on stage—the kiddies love his goofball antics. Wolfie was pleased as punch with his Ash outfit. For those of you who have yet to experience a child who worships at the alter of Pikachu, Ash is Pikachu's "Boy". He looked rather cute, I must say, and wore the hat and gloves ALLLLLL day long with out a fuss. High five!

OH! And I forgot. For Wolfie's school Harvest Festival, we dug out last year's Pikachu costume and this time Greg was Ash (which brings Greg's costume tally up to FOUR). Yes, Wolfie has Pokemon fever. I had bought the Ash outfit offa eBay last year and it came the day after Halloween (boooo) so we decided they should team up this year just for the Festival:

Whew. I'm exhausted but still have loads of little mini twix bars to much on. As nutz as it all was, I skooted over to Target the next day to snag all the sale goodies so we can decorate propa next year! Best score: the light up jar of gurgling, floating eye balls. Bwah hahaha!

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  1. Can I just be super jealous of your beautiful family for a minute!

  2. I luv your witches hat! And the SUPER cute photos. (And I totally ditto C's comment).

  3. H-Ween always delivers dudn't it?
    You guys had an utterly smashing one! I agree with the above commenter your fam is gorg!!!!!
    Such a fun post!!!!!!!!
    Yeah and after H-ween Target sales too!