Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wolfie rocks the Stella.

Stella McCartney recently launched a super cute kid's collection for the Gap. We have a flagship store downtown, here in San Francisco, so I got a gander at all the goodies first hand. I must say they had a huge-n-perty display when the line came out. The little girl stuff is especially Shiloh Jolie-Pitt-ish. It was all so stylish and chic looking ( i love the sneaks) and despite the fact that I knew it was all WAY too spendy, I was transfixed.
As I stood there admiring a crazy soft charcoal cashmere hoodie (because don't all toddlers need cashmere??), a row of coats and jackets caught my eye—especially these two.

The little drum major coat was hilariously cute. Totally adorable, I can't lie, but I mean....really? Where does one go with a child in a little toy soldier jacket? The playground? Grocery shopping? "Drum Line 2" try-outs?? But then i saw the little pea coat. And it was sooo freakin' cute I just HAD to see it on Wolfie. I looked at the price tag and about fell over. All the Stella stuff is pretty pricey (little drummer boy was $128, peacoat $78.). Which is just crazy talk for kids clothes. BUT, I was dying to see Wolfie in this little coat. So I bought it. And then returned it. But not before I was able to snap a few photos. Heh.

By the way, Wolfie's verdict? "Mommy, this jacket is not very cozy." "Mommy, this top part is toooo high on my neck!!" "Mommy, it's too pokey!!" and of course "MOMMY NO MORE PICTURES!!"

The coat looks crazy cute, but it's unlined, a scratchy wool and a scandalous $75. Stella my love, if you're going to make kid's clothes they've gotta be comfy. And in the words of my wise little son, these just ain't cozy.

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  1. Okay, those photos are precious but Wolfie is right - why make a child suffer with a pokey non-cozy jacket? I've been eyeing that little marching-band jacket though with Moira in mind. I bet I will see a ton of them at the kids consignment stores next year. :)

  2. That child of yours face is art,honey!!!
    Dang! I had seen the pics of these...but so much coin!

  3. that kid needs a modeling contract! love it.

    also, wanted to send you my blog link. i'm starting to add more posts...

  4. wolfie is not only Adorable, he is also genius.
    i checked that collection out, and, um... no thank you. way to pricey for me! wolfie would bust outta those seams in like 3 months, tops.

    and just in case, this is freckle.
    blogger hates me apparently.

  5. Wolfie looks adorable!

  6. that's funny pip had the "little drummer" coat for a day! snapped some pictures and back it went!! couldn't justify the price at all!