Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Style Files: Anna Sui Likes to Gossip

I totally succumbed to the Anna Sui collection at Target. Do I feel weird that this is the "Gossip Girl" collection? Nope! So, apparently this is a "Serena" dress. And while I'm neither svelte, leggy or blonde, I think it's kind of a cool dress. It has these weird metallic, plastic spikey things (kinda like punk rock paillettes) around the neck. I read some reviews where people expressed disappointment that the spikes were plastic and not something more substantial like metal. Personally I'm not too psyched about wearing something resembling a mini bear trap around my neck, so i was totally A-OK with the plastic. It's got kind of a looooow neck line, which I can't quite figure out how to work. I either need to take in the shoulder straps OR invest in some sticky tape. If you are thinking of getting this dress I would say a few things. It runs BIG in the hips, which was lovely news for me....but if you are very slim I would go down a size. Also, the neckline is def tricky. Not sure of bigger boobage would be better to hold it up or if it would look scandalous?? I also think it would hang better on someone taller....but I still am digging it! Because of the low neck, I feel like its more of a going out look. I usually love taking fancy stuff and dressing it down, but the potential for awkward neckline action isn't my idea of a fun day!

+ Anna Sui Gossip Girl Collection, Target
+ Little Black cardigan with birdie applique, Target (eons ago)
+ Grey Booties, Kohls
+ Silver Mini Handbag, vintage
+ Pink beads, thrifted

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  1. you know how to rock this outfit, girl!! I LOVE IT!!

  2. That IS a tricky neckline. And trust me, bigger boobage would not help here. I really wish I had smaller boobs because big boobs tend to make things look trashy instead of classy. You look classy! :) I love the way you paired it with a pink necklace!

  3. Teri: Aww, thank you!!!
    America: Yay! I'm glad you like it.

    Plastic Pearls: Its true....smaller boobs can make things look a little less "Kapow" sometimes. But I will say in the right outfit, bigger boobs (when you are someone who actually has hips!) can give a little awesome oomph. I've never envied girls with bigger boobs but at the same time there are totally days where I think, "If i just had a teeeensy bit extra I'd look a little more balanced!!" haha

  4. Super cute styling...Ruby(my 13 Y O) and I tried on several dresses ...she is already 5'7'' and looked PERFECT in each one...I on the other hand only looked ok in them(I was disappointed in the quality) ..I offered to buy her one it had a blck/org stripey print Little J ,I think...she passed.

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