Monday, November 16, 2009

Hot Legs Monday!

Happy Monday beautiful people. Let's start the week out on the right foot with a little leggy 60s action. Hot pants and minis, oh my! It's interesting to see how cute they look, even though they are showing off alotta leg. A perfect example of only showcasing one asset. Hot pants and a turtle neck. Today girls wear shortie shorts AND a half shirt or low cut shirt and end up looking all hoochie. They could take a cue from these fine fillies, eh??

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  1. ooh sexay legs!

    i love that picture of lulu in the velvet lederhosen and white boots, she reminds me of my mum. i've seen a color version of that pic and the velvet was a beautiful blue. dreamy!

  2. OOoh I'd love to see a photo of Lulu & her lederhosen in color!!!!!