Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Esen Demirici is cool.

Searching on the web is like one giant scavenger hunt—and I love when I accidentally stumble upon something I wasn't even looking for. So a while back I was researching wallpaper (don't ask) and I stumbled upon the dreamy collage work of Esen Demirci. Her work borrows heavily from vintage fashion magazines, so you know I'm totally in love. Part collage and part illustration, Esen describes her work as, "A bit of humour and pop music of the 50s."  

And you should see the wallpaper...
images: Esen Demirici

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  1. alex, i am in love, these are so dreamy.

    sorry i have not exactly been a fabulous commenter on your amazing new blog!!!! i have been a'rushin' around like a kook, in and out of ze dentist, oooh, lawdy!

    keep up the amazing posts, the comments will come :)

  2. Ooh...I just Googled his wallpaper and am in serious pining mode. Were it not for the fact that my brick walls are wallpaper-unfriendly, I'd inevitably be a bit broke(r) right now.

  3. Isn't her stuff loverly??

    and jenny-kins, don't you even worry! you are too tooo sweet even say that, silly girl! (i mean, of course I leerve your thoughts and comments, but I know you have been a busy gal!! we should also talk Etsy someday!!)

    Hey Rachel!! I know, its pretty fun stuff. I am toying with getting wallpaper for the wall that is behind our bed. It's totally blank now and I am hesitant to hang anything major up there since I'm lolling around in earthquake country. But wallpaper makes meee nervousssss!

  4. These are great! I love anything vintage!

    Do you like vintage wallpaper? I used some vintage wallpaper on one of my books. So fun!

    I must ask, why were you looking for wallpaper?

  5. I am in Holly's class. Isn't it wonderful?

  6. Love the bunny & the bird!