Thursday, April 23, 2009

What's in My Bag?

I've been sporting this Andy Warhol canvas tote. It's sturdy-but-cute and has plenty of room for my jumble of goodies. Here's what's inside:

1. Ze ubiquitous iPhone. I still love it. I hate all those rubber baby buggy bumpers people put on them (ruins the pretty clean lines IMO) but I needed some sort of cute case to lug it around in. This Kate Spade dealie is perfect. The strap makes it tres convenient too.
2. Flower hair clippy. I always have a myriad of hair dealies in my bag.
3. A yellow pony tail holder. 
4. Smooching bunnies makeup holder. I have a little vial of Kai perfume in here as well as assorted lip glosses and chapsticks. Whenever I need a quick spruce up. Safety pins on the zipper pull "just in case".
5. Keys to my car. VW Jetta.
6. Some big white plastic sunnies
7. A pretty letterpress Thank You card from the amazing ladies at Hello Lucky . It's for my mama. I recently went to visit my folks and I have to say my parents are just thee best. Now that I have a child myself I appreciate them even more.
8. My red moleskine notebook. I love molekine books in general but when i saw this red I had to have it. Perfect for jotting down ideas and thoughts.
9. Sanity in a bottle. I'm typically a super even keel person but I was recently struck by my first ever series of panic attacks a few months ago (oddly always while driving. Double eek!). Happily I haven't had one in a while, but this is my emergency stash just in case.
10. Black, fine point pens.
11. Stub for the parking garage.
12. A receipt from the thrift store. As much as I love buying from thrift stores, I love donating too. "Puttin' in back in the system" I always say. Just did a major purge of clothes. Need to do more. OH, and in the top pic you can see my wallet. Marc Jacobs, dark pinkie/orchid leather. Sadly bulging with enough receipts to make George Costanza proud.

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  1. does that have a soup can coin purse???

  2. why yesssss it does! haha. Good eye!

  3. i passed that bag up over and over at target, what a dolt i am! if i had known about the coin purse, it would have been a no brainer.

  4. what kind of soup is it? lol

  5. if you ever wanna talk about panic attacks alex, lemme know. i used to suffer from them as well. not the sexiest thing to comment about, but wanted to let you know that you have support in that arena!