Tuesday, April 28, 2009

From My Closet

The weather has been a rollercoaster here in San Francisco. We had a crazy heat wave, then it was ffffrrrrreeeezing.
Today it is sunny but brisk. Like Fall. Only it's April. I actually like this kind of weather but I admit I'm ready for some heat people! Here's what I wore to wrangle the weather:

+ Zebra print dress, can't remember who made it
+ Hot Pink tights, We Love Colors (best tights online, handsdown!)
+ Black Cardigan, Target
+ Grey Boots, TopShop
+ Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag (which I love, but have to admit weighs 50 pounds with nothing in it)
+ White and Blue Beads, Thriftstore (Granny Chic, holla!)<
+ Yellow Beads, Top shop

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  1. you are a super cutie.
    and that is all i have to say about that.

  2. Word to your tights. My legs are all hot-pinked-out today, as well. I'd be all "Yay, twinsies!", were it not for the fact that I'm - tragically - without a zebra print to call my own. Boo.

  3. I love the zebra print dress. I've been looking for a perfect zebra print dress for years now with no success.
    Topshop is awesome. I used to shop at the one in London when I lived there. This weekend I'm actually going to N.Y. and I'll be able to sample the one that recently opened there. Excited.

  4. Ladies, Top Shop is THE BOMB. I was in London for work this past January and we only had one day to "explore". I'm not kidding when I tell you i was in that damn store for OVER SIX HOURS!!!!! (granted it was the HUGE HUGE flagship store....) I consider myself a shopper and that store kicked my sweet lil behind!!

  5. This made me laugh, because the zebra print dress with hot pink tights is EXACTLY the outfit you sent us for baby girl! Which she wore to her first easter-egg hunt, and she looked awesome, but I don't know if Mark got any pictures of her -- I'll have to check.