Monday, April 27, 2009

Tasty Treat of the Day.

So the other day one of my Flickr pals, the lovely Shutterbean, posted an asparagus tart she had made. The ingredients are simply puff pastry, asparagus, gruyere cheese, lemon and a little salt and pepper. And whooooooooo chile I have been cravin' it ever since. I used ready made pie dough, because I happened to have some on hand, and it was still deeeeelectable. And truthfully SO easy. It's one of those dishes that looks impressive but seriously can be whipped together with a little salad in minutes.

Oh, I added a little sauteed shallot as well and it gave it a really nice flavor.
Thanks Miss Tracy for the fabulous suggestion. (PS Shutterbeanie's food photos are always amazing, so please be sure to check her out!)

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  1. tracy has been my GO TO GAL for all things food for quite some time now. i totally appreciate all the time she takes in the kitchen to photo all the steps (rather beautifully, i might add) and share all the recipes.

    i've done the banana pudding, the spicy glazed nuts (and even gave them as gifts 'round the holidays, i tagged 'em "SWEET! HOT! NUTS!" and they were a superhit) and many, many more.

    she should do a book!!!

  2. hi! i'm SOOO happy you made this! and shallots sound delish!!! squee!
    you two are super cute and sweet! Thank you! I'd love to come out with a book---but most of my recipes are from other publications so wouldn't that be ripping them off?

    trouble is...all the stuff i cook/bake on my own..i never have the energy or time to write down! boo.