Thursday, April 23, 2009

Unexpected Style.

I love when you find pretty things in unexpected places. A while back I found this really amazing line of soaps, bath products and candles at Old Navy. The packaging was really gorgeous and graphic—and the fragrances aren’t cloying or artificial, they’re really lovely. Ruby guava, white blossoms, sparkling green tea…they’re all juicy and yummy. I bought the Island Lime reed diffuser and every time I walk into my bathroom it smells like a snazzy spa.

The best part is that the price is utterly affordable. We’re talking 2/$5 soaps people. For some reason you can’t buy them online and they’re not in every Old Navy store—but keep your eyes peeled (they’re usually tucked away by the registers).


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  1. i was pleasantly surprised during a trip to old navy when we stumbled upon a section of toys using charley harper illustrations. we ended up getting the flash cards.

  2. ooh ooh mister Kot-ter!!
    i just got some Charley Harper stuff too and was planning on posting on it! You are a mind readier. I saw the memory game and some board books!