Friday, April 24, 2009

Tea Party.

In theory, I really want to be a tea drinker. There is something so charming about tea—the cups, the cute little kettle boiling on the stove. Tea is infinitely soothing and comforting. Classy even.

I was in London this past January and a nice cuppa tea became part of our daily ritual.  It seemed so smart. I vowed to keep it up back here in the states. After a little bit of poking around the tea section, I found this amazing Tazo Berryblossom tea. Not only did it come in a lovely package, it was an enticing white tea with a touch of blueberry and cranberry. I’d love to romance you with how it tastes like eating fresh juicy berries under a sun dappled oak tree in a big pretty meadow….but instead I’ll tell you it's simply a damn fine cup of tea.  The story should end here except I’m just not ready to be a tea girl yet. The problem? I love coffee.

Photos found here and  here.

Nothing makes me happier than a big cup of coffee goodness. I love a tasty French press with a splash of half and half. I’ll get schmancy with a cappuccino lightly dusted with cinnamon or indulge in a yummy caramel macchiato. And I love a straight-up cuppa joe. Coffee is my big weakness. I don’t drink it all day long, but I can’t imagine a day going by without it. I find it comforting and bracing at the same time. If tea is Sherlock Holmes then coffee is Han Solo. Strong, potentially bad for you...but kind of a bad ass.

People tend to be in one camp or the other. So which are you? Coffee? Tea? And if you’re a tea drinker, I’d love some suggestions. I’m always looking to add a little calm (and class!) to mah life.

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  1. i am mainly a coffee gal but i do like tea in the evenings, since i live in MN we drink hot beverages like 90% of the year. my fave teas are: Aveda tea, plain ol' camomile and good earth original tea. have you tried the aveda tea? i will send some if no.

  2. i'm with you... coffee girl. who wants to love tea.

    my whole life, despite coming from a line of iced tea drinkers (stopped with my father), i couldn't STAND tea.

    then, several years ago, the lady at bodum made me a cup of rooibos with lemon (i think it was the pina colada version), and it wasn't half bad!

    now, i've got several bags of rooibos in my fridge, which i always forget to make.

  3. I love how they give you tea at Aveda....again, seems so soothing and refined!

    pooka--pina colada tea??? this sounds kind of gross but delicious!

    I'm sooo the "several bags of tea, which i always forget to make" girl.

  4. being Canadian I am definitely BOTH. Hard not to be influenced by our monarchy...I basically drink coffee all day long and then switch to tea after dinner (black tea that is--herbal strictly when I'm sick...). Water (or lack thereof) is definitely my problem! I can't live without Starbucks OR Tetley.
    ugh...all "negative" liquids, all the time.

  5. also, I always find it funny when I order "tea" in the states and I get the quizzical "HOT tea?" question. Then they give me some gross thing of hot water and a liptons teabag on the side. blech. I guess more people order Iced tea there? (or sweet tea I guess you call it?)

  6. "sweet tea" is a new phenom to me. I think it's popular in the south (someone correct me if i'm wrong, but I think its simply tea that has been presweetened?? or is there something more magical about it? because lemme tell ya, southerners seem to lose their minds over sweet tea!)

  7. oh God.. coffee all the way for me!! I want to like tea, but I can't. the closest I come is tea lattes, which are delish! esp the english tea & chai varieties.

    btw.. happen to try sweet tea for the 1st time this past Saturday at a soul food joint! and woah! how sweet it is! i liked it way better than iced tea. great for summertime!