Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm Super Thankful!

How was everyone's Thanksgiving?? Ours was super relaxing and the weather was unbelievably gorgeous. We had planned to visit Greg's parents in South Carolina, but at the last minute we all decided that a spring visit would be better for them. While we were sad about not seeing them, I have to admit I don't like flying on Thanksgiving. It's always the most crowded time of year. Wolfie didn't have school all week so I took a few days off and spent some quality time with my cute boy. We started out by taking the train to Fresno ("Fresno??"). Yes, Fresno. We have really great friends who live there and I looooove visiting them. They have a totally excellent house on a cul de sac by a park. It's really pretty and very different from our crazy City livin'. Their kids are like Wolfie's cousins and he was in heaven playing with them (they are older than him so he always feels extra special, like a "big kid."). Taking the train was a cool experience. It's a four hour ride from San Francisco, but we both loved it.

Thanksgiving day was spent in the Bay Area with some more great friends. In addition to the classics I made the infamous Shutterbean's brussel sprouts and pumpkin parfaits (YUMMMMMMY, thank you Tracy!) .

Even my non-sugar lovin' boy was tempted by homemade vanilla whipped cream!!

Wolfie really is unique in that way. Doesn't like sweets AT ALL. Our friend Jim was teasing him and said, "Wolfie, if you start acting crazy, I'm gonna make you eat CHOCOLATE!" and Wolfie giggled and said, "Nooooooo!!!" He wasn't kidding. I can count the sweets he likes on one hand: vanilla ice cream, shortbread or snickerdoodle cookies, lollipops and vanilla cupcakes. That's it. No chocolate. No hot cocoa. No candy. No syrup on pancakes (just butter). He once made a cupcake last three days. I'm not kidding. It's so strange—especially considering I have a wicked sweet tooth. I will say that the kid's got the healthiest teeth in town!

But back to the food. I decided that wine wasn't enough and I wanted to make a fancy cocktail. So I came up with Cranberry Mojitos. I made a cranberry simple syrup, muddled mint leaves, ice, rum and a splash of club soda.

I can't tell you for sure if they were good or not because I got all kindsa tipsy making them. I had no idea what I was doing so I was constantly tasting and sampling to make sure I was getting the ratio right. A few of them were really tasty...a few of them tasted awful. I think the simple syrup was too thick—I might just try this simpler mojito recipe with cranberry juice next time.

Over the weekend, Greg made us an amazing breakfast—vanilla french toast, a mushroom, chicken apple sausage scramble, really yummy. Which leads me to what I am thankful for. I know I'm a few days late, but being early was never my strong suit. I'm so thankful for my little family. Greg is simply the best guy around, so kind and funny and cool. He really is the rockinest dad in the universe. And Wolfie....well, he's my little Wolf cub. Our little sunshine boy! A total giggler, snuggler and silly rascal. Both of these guys crack me up on a daily basis and I'm always so happy to come home to them after a long day.

I'm also extremely thankful for YOU! Strawberry Lemonade has been such a fun side project for me. Knowing that you guys are stopping by every day to see what random things I've come up with makes this all so much fun. Thank you for all your sweet and great comments (keep 'em coming!). I also love all the new cool folks I've met and all the amazing blogs that are out there. Keep on sharing! You guys are all thee best. *mwuah!*

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  1. Wow- what a lovely post full of tempting treats- I am very interested in the mojitos and the vanilla cream... yum
    I hate flying during the holidays, it makes it far too stressful instead of fun. Glad yours was great-

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. oh, this post is just filled with so much happiness!!! i loved hearing about your trip with wolfie- you guys are so darn cute!!! love the train pics. and your treats look + sound amazing! will definitely have to give those mojitos a try... you crack me up, gettin' tipsy just making them, ha! that is totally matt- whenever he mixes drinks he ends up drinking a whole drink while he's getting them all together :)

    ps it's me freckle!

  3. i too love the train pix!!! soo darling! I love train trips! It's so fun to daydream and look out the window.

    you have NO idea how happy is makes me that you cooked sprouts & made the parfaits!!!!!! adorable!
    So glad that it worked out! xoxoxox

  4. Thumbs up for your non-sweet liking boy, I hardly ate sweets when I was a kid, and not much now, everybody is soooo stranged when I say it.
    Thank you for posting such fantastic things! Keepn on' keeping on! ;)

  5. Your Wolfie ad your bloggie is a ray of sunshine at my Pagoda too!!!!
    Love your blogtography!

  6. Awww it looks like you have so much to truely be thankful for! What a beautiful family and such yummy treats! Thanks for stopping by today!!!

  7. alex, your photos are always sooo incredible! and wolfie is sooo adorable in each and every single one! looks like you had a great holiday!
    xo giddy teri

  8. aww great post! wow i feel like i haven't commented here for ages - sorry! this time of year sends me a bit bananas. you and wolfie are so cute!! my son loooves paul frank's julius monkey stuff and when he saw the pic of wolfie he said "that friend is wearing my julius!"

    i'm glad you had a good thanksgiving, and those cocktails look delicious. i might have to pinch that idea for christmas.

  9. Your boy is quite fashionable. My eyes smiled when I saw him in his green checked shirt and orange argyle vest.