Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Jewel of a Tree.

I just had to share this little quickie with you—I've been waiting to share these photos with you all fall and almost forgot! My lovely friend Denise, who has one of the coolest homes around (filled with amazing vintage knicknacks and gorgeous vintage clothes) has one of my top favorite vintage pieces EVER. Take a gander at this gorgeous holiday tree, made entirely out of vintage rhinestone brooches and beaded earrings. It's so sparkly and cool I can't even stand it. Denise found it at the flea market and displays it year round. My kinda gal!

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  1. I swear, between the "creepy tree" friend and this one, it sounds like you just have the neatest friends ever! Have a super-duper holiday!!

  2. Wow, that's insane! lol... thanks for sharing!

  3. That tree is AMAZING! I collect vintage jewelry and would LOVE to attempt something that gorgeous, but don't think I could give up the earrings in case I wanted to wear them! Have a great Christmas!

  4. So fabulous! Love it! Did you see the vintage glass tree from my Grandma I posted? - One of my favorite things for Christmas. Must have been the craft to do back then!

  5. Isn't it crazy? CRAZY GOOD!!!!! haha

    Art Wall Katie: Thanks lady! Your comment made me laugh!!

    Daniella: You post such elegant, chic stuff, sometimes I feel like I'm your spazzy cousin with all my kitsch!! haha

    Lemondrop Marie. I have had the same thought every time i see it—but then I think, "OOoh I would hate to use them up!" Then again, that's part of the coolness, the fact that they are being used. Maybe we can make a mini version??? hee.

    Annie your tree is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh!
    Strawberry Lemonade!
    I just heart that!
    So reminds me of the earrings my ritzy grandma use to wear...and still does!
    What a treasure!
    And one of my dear friends from Monterey saw your post on the Santa's Village via your comment on my blog!
    Believe it or not...she grew up going to Santa's Village!
    How spectacular is that!
    What a small wonderful world this is!

  7. My mother had one of these trees. My friend and I have been ooogling them for years at the antique store we frequent. She keeps threatening to make one of all her grandmother's jewelry. My mother gave up hers, as she did her fabulous Enid purses.

  8. That is so awesome! I want to see more of Denise's belongings and her house now!

  9. Ooh this tree is sparkly and lovely!