Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Vintage Kids: Animals' in Cute Christmas Scarves

This sweet book is called The Animals' Merry Christmas and has adorable illustrations by Richard Scarry. It was written by Kathryn B. Jackson in 1950. Something about animals in little scarves that gets me every time.

"The Animals' Merry Christmas is as bright and gay as a Christmas tree. All the animals have a happy holiday in this charming collection of stories and poems, delightfully illustrated by the ever-popular Richard Scarry."

As they went they sang:
"Rabbits in the snow,
Off to Grandma's house we go -
Holly, pudding, popcorn, toys,
Shining candles, lots of noise:
Off to Grandma's house we go -
Sing for Christmas, sing for snow!"

Santa Claus said he simply could NOT be everywhere at once. He said it was no use trying. Mrs. Santa Claus thought very hard.
"Your helpers will be glad to go to the stores and ring the bells for you," she said. "I'll fit them all out in your old Santa Claus suits!

Then arm in arm, the Hedgehog family hurried through the snowy twilight, heading for the lights of London town, and the wonderful Christmas sights they would see.

The puppy grabbed the Christmas ribbon and began jumping towards the door of the house.

When he saw some boys throwing snowballs, he ran right up to them. "Who wants a puppy for Christmas?" he barked.

"And Donner and Blitzen sang a sort of song:
"Through the snow,
Bringing toys
To the good
Girls and boys!"
But Prancer shook his head in the naughtiest way.
"Not me!" he said. "I'm not going this year."

[What's with ol cranky pants Prancer!?]

Before long the sleigh stopped with a jerk. It stopped on the roof of Tommy's house.

I own this book and scanned it before I left for Michigan, but I cribbed the text from the lovely Pipnstuff's Flickr set.

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  1. Oh!
    Strawberry Lemonade!
    This just melts my heart!
    These Golden Books just bring back a flood of childhood memories...we didn't have much money growing up...but my mom always made sure we had books!
    That neighborhood is just a classic..
    and don't you just love the reindeer at the table...so 60's!
    Thanks for the oh so sweet words that you left for me on my blog...made me smile and giggle!
    Delighted to have you as a blogging friend...I know you must be one of the most unique people! I just adore really unique and creative people!
    You're a doll!

  2. This is a beautifully made homage to Kathryn Jackson and Richard Scarry's marvellous book "The Animals' Christmas".
    I am trying to compile some of the stories, using online sources. One of the problems is the fact that there are several versions of the book, even from its first publication: one with 90+ pages, another with 70+ pages, and different covers, and different ways of presenting the text and variations in the pictures.
    I wonder if you could help me, please?
    I am especially trying to find a complete version of "The Naughty Little Reindeer", and "Mr Hedgehog's Christmas Present" (which I think is one of the gentlest, cosiest children's Christmas stories I know).
    Also, are the rabbits in the snow from "The Snowshoe Rabbits" story?
    And what is the story with the picture of all the bell-ringing Santa's Helpers? I can't trace a likely title from the Contents listings I have located, so far.
    With best wishes for a Merry Christmas (I'm not too late, as it remains the Christmas Season until Twelfth Night, 6 January), and the New Year we have just started -- 2016!
    John Gough jagough49@gmail.com