Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Feathers have been making a comeback in a big way. I've been wearing the "fascinator" style for a few years now—I bought my first about six or seven years ago in New Orleans and usually only busted it out for "nights on the town". Now that I have a child, my nights on the town are few and far between! So I was happy when the more day-time feather look started to make an appearance. Not that I've ever been one shy away from wearing night fancies in the day time...but my first feather hairpiece was pretty large. The new fascinators are a little more chic and a little less show girl.

While I still love the look of these, I'm becoming more and more entranced by the Native American feathers I'm seeing popping up. Granted some of these are pretty costumey.....but I really love the idea of a headband or crown of feathers. What do you think??

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  1. i love the feathers in hair thing, but its just not my style. i tend to look like i've been in a pigeon fight, rather than a boho waif fresh off a reservation. i look forward to the pigeon fight look coming into fashion though cos i will rock it with authority and swagger!

  2. I love these. It makes me want to find a picture of my mom and me, along with three other mother daughter couples in our headdresses at our Indian Maidens meeting. I think it was an Ohio thing. Kinda like girl scouts. THere was a boy version called Indian Guides. Also, our school mascot was the Redskin, and we even had a cigar store Indian in the lobby of my high school. . I'm assuming all that got washed away in a wave of political correctness about ten years after I graduated.