Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Style Files

The weather is hot....the weather is cold. Only in San Francisco can you be bopping around in sandals one day, only to find yourself shivering and tearing your closet apart for a scarf the next. Thankfully we have settled down into the lovely "perpetual autumn" weather I love so much! I have to admit that it got a little cold and I had to throw on some tights later, but here's what i came up with on this cool-but-sunny day. I have a very 'confused' expression on my face...haha.

+ Lavender dress, GO International collection from my beloved Target
+ Brown cardigan, thrifted (always got my granny cardigan on....)
+ Vintage gold handbag
+ Snazzy japanese vegan booties (that's a fancy way of sayin' they ain't real letha peeps!)
+ Vintage gold and plexi cameo pendant
+ Pink "fascinator" feather hair dealie, Urban Outfitters (people always ask me if I made it myself...I wish I did but honestly feathers are kind of hard to work with and really who has the time??)

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  1. Amazing as usual! I especially love the gold bag and your boots.

  2. your curls look especially soft. you are one of the few people i know of who can pull off wearing feathers in your hair.

  3. Thank you Thank you!

    Pooka girl, its funny I didn't feel like my hair look especially nice that day (in fact, the feathers were kind of a distractor so people wouldn't notice) but then I was looking at the photos and thought "bizarre, it actually looks kinda ok!!" haha

  4. Very cute outfit. What a beautiful girl you are. I like the lavender and the boots.

  5. Will you marry me?

    I love how awesome you are.

    If I hang around with you enough on the interwebs will your coolness rub off on me?

  6. alex, you are my hero.
    a total inspiration.

    the pretty purples, the gold, the hotsie totsie boots, and the feathers.

    and I WAS TOTALLY THINKING that your hair looked amazing and soft and curly.

    and also: the red lips! what is that shade? LOVE it.

    you are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Melissa: Oh wow, thank you so much!!!

    decor8: Holly I'm blushin' over here! I'm hoping YOUR coolness rubs off on meeeee!!

    frecklewonder: Oh hush yo mouth, girlie. You are my hair inspiration! I love your thick gorgeous locks!!! OK, so the lip stick (don't laugh) is Kat Von D's makeup line!! haha I got it at sephora...its a deep deep red. I rarely wear red (can't smooch my little Wolfie with candy lips) but this one is a good one!