Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hairy Scary.

OK, so I had my hair cut & colored two weeks ago for my birthday and I have to say I'm not loving it. These are the pictures from the day I had it cut....and while it was a little prissy, I was kinda digging it! But now that I've washed it, it's a big ol mess. MUCH shorter than I wanted and the color is very "meh". Argh! Since you guys were asking, here are pix from the salon version (the back is more blondish and while the front looks kind of orangey red...it's not quite as mismatched as this...but the chunky pieces are kind of all spread out now that its not perfectly blown dry etc.). SIGH. I guess I just have to wait for it to grow out.

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  1. i like it with the band! oh haircuts are tricky. my recent restyle was fine for the first week and now it's gone all weird and none of my clothes seems to go with it. gah!

  2. I like it with the band too. :) I cut & coloured my own hair a few days ago - thank god I like it though! (Even if I didn't, I would only have myself to blame & as such, have no justifiable avenue of "whinge" lol)

  3. I love it -- especially the headband shot. Adorable!

    My hair is curly, too, and never looks better than when I just get back from the salon. Which is, like, not very often. ($$!)

  4. I think you still look like a sassafrass! Love.

  5. nath: oooh that's a good point about matching hair color to your wardrobe! my girlfriend had black hair and she always wore bold red/black/white/purple graphic colors. Now she is a red head (as she transitions back to blonde) and she can't wear the same stuff. But I'm guessing greens look better on her now than before too!

    Punky's Mama: I usually just do it all myself....I think that's why I'm bummed, I actually shelled out some cash for this and its all wonky. Waah!

    mary: aw thank you....and I know, I can't straighten my hair for the life of me!!

    whenigrowupcoach: girlie you are the sweetest thing ever!

  6. I think it looks REALL good, your still a sexy mumma in my eyes. Were always so fussy with our hair arnt we. Last week I was so desperate for a hair cut I went into just cutz {cheapy in and out place} when we went to town. I then came home with a box of hair dye and Luigi did it for me, his a fantastic hair stylist :P

  7. You still look cool! I always have a problem with my hair. It's frizzzzzzy and no matter what I do, I can't tame it! Hence, I either look like I need a hair wash or the hair seriously need conditioning.

  8. oh, if i may say, you have never looked more gorgeous! i love it!!!!!! super sex kitten! bummer is when you go to the salon and you can't/don't have time to match the look you left with once you're home and on your own... you ain't bustin' out the hair dryer every day, i imagine??

    you know what? this length is super cute in a high pony tail... little curly q's hanging down?
    don't worry, pretty. you will settle in with it.
    i am really super loving it though!

  9. I LOVE it too Alex. Sassy. Cute. Stylish. Love the colour! I'm sure it looks great au naturel too... especially with a headband. i love headbands on curly hair!

    No matter how it looks YOU look super stylish!