Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Style Files: A Sunny Day and High Heeled Sneaks

The weather was so great this weekend. Not too hot, but warm enough that it felt amazing. I finally managed to get a picture of the fantastic shoes I inherited from my sweet Tanta Maria. They look like they're by Marc Jacobs, they have such a current vibe, but they're authentic 1970s issue platform "high heel sneaks". They are really bouncey and comfy. I am not ashamed to admit I wore this outfit TWICE this weekend....it seemed the right amount of comfort and cute. When I wore it to the beach I wore my converse.

You can still see my fading scar on my ankle (it looks like I have dirty legs, but back in 1990 I got third degree burns while working at a restaurant ...twas major. Not fun...but the scar is almost gone!)

The deets:

+ Vintagey looking sundress/tunic....FOREVER 21 baby.
+ Jeans, the Gap
+ Short sleeved cardy, Target
+ Shoes, vintage
+ Sunglasses, Chloe (had to have something that was more than $20 in the mix, right??)

I'm all about creative dressing—making cheapo things look cuter. There are so many affordable places out there these days, it's made being a frugal fashionista so much easier. (Did I really just use the phrase frugal fashionista?? Oh yes I did, cha cha.)

xoxo, alex

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  1. Nice!!! You have every right to show off that pair of shoes!

  2. argh! those shoes are THE BEST! and even better that they have some sentimental value :)

  3. Those shoes are very worthy of a post and then some. Do you remember that seventies commericial with the women playing basketball in their aerosole PUMPS just to prove that they were comfy enough to wear. They all WISH they were wearing your sassy Tante Marie shoes.

    I can't believe that dress is from Forever 21! Genius. Pure genius.

  4. Thanks you thank lovely ladies!
    And Miz Leslie, do you know I was going to say "Looks like a pump, feels like a sneaker" on this post, but I wasn't sure if anyone would get the reference!!! haha.

  5. when i am an international travelling superstar (LOL) will you be my stylist?! xx