Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm Fonda Henry. The Dog.

Meet Henry. He is an impossibly cute chocolate lab that belongs to my co-worker, Bryan. I love him. He reminds me of our doggie Spencer (same soulful little eyes and obsession with retrieving). Whenever Bryan and I are teamed up, we'll take Henry to the park down the street and work outside.

Henry knows I'm the Treat Lady, so I've become rather popular with him. I told Bryan if he ever needs a dog watcher, I'm his gal. Last weekend Bryan went up to Portland to visit family and asked if I was serious about watching Henry and so this is how we came to have this sweet, spazzy dog as a houseguest.

Greg and Wolfie were in heaven. Greg is a huge animal lover and Wolfie is rapidly becoming one too. He was totally intrigued by Henry and I think took great delight in bossing him around (it was like, "Oooh cool! Someone who is lower on the totem pole than me!" Although between you and me Wolfie pretty much runs the show around this joint....). Henry was a little nervous the first night but promptly jumped up on the bed (hogging my whole side....) so he clearly wasn't THAT nervous. The next day we took him to Point Isabel, which is awesome and happens to be the nation's largest dog-friendly park. It's a beautiful piece of land with views of the bay and the city. Totally gorgeous and TONS of dogs. We had taken Henry to the pet store and picked out a fun toy and we knew he was eager to take it out for a whirl.

It was low tide and the water was a little mucky....of course Henry made a bee line for the water. "Henry.....HENRY!!!!!!!" I swear he just laughed and dove right in grinning that happy dog smile.

Thankfully we found some clear water further up and managed to clean him up. You could tell he loved the water, he would race down the hill at top speed and LEAP into the water. It was impossibly cute.

My friend Toria called that last photo the Dr. Doolittle totally looks like Wolfie is really talking to Henry, "So tell me how are you feeling about all this?"

The next day we took Henry to brunch with us (we sat outside at a great little cafe we like in Berekely). We got a lot of compliments on what a handsome dog he was and I'm not gonna lie we TOTALLY pretended he was our doggie.

We were sad to give him back...I have to say I think Henry had an awesome time with us.

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    kids+dogs=cute overload.

    wolfie's toothy smile in the last pic looks like my son's 'camera smile' - he always bares his fangs and says through gritted teeth CHEEEEZ hehe