Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Seeing Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was a really lovely girl. I know that might seem like a strangely obvious thing to say, but truthfully when was the last time you really LOOKED at her? Everyone refers to her as the golden goddess of Hollywood, but it's a little bit sad the way she has become a caricature of herself—the sleepy eyes, the pouty smile, the iconic pale blonde hair and of course the white dress blowing up around her as the subway passes. In fact, I think I see more illustrations of her than actual photos. It's so bizarre the way things work: the more famous she gets, the less "real" she becomes. I stumbled upon a photo of her recently where she was grinning and you could see a sprinkling of little freckles on her nose, and I thought "Wow, she's totally adorable. Look at that smile!" She seemed so real. Not an icon. Just a girl with a dream and stars in her eyes.

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  1. tis true! there are many faces of marilyn monroe! thanks for allowing me to just "look" at her. What an inner glow. And such a sad demise.
    It got my mind off of this number crunching bs at work! xox

  2. There really hasn't been anyone who holds a candle to her since, has there?

  3. oh, some of these I hadn't seen before, thanks for sharing. I want to pose on a diving board like that! lol