Friday, September 11, 2009

Linky Dinks for Friday.

HAPPPPPY FRIDAY people! Autumn is rapidly approaching, but here in the Bay Area we are clinging on to summer like crazy. We've had another heat spell and our house is like an oven. I'm actually pretty ready for fall myself. It's my favorite time of year and I can't wait for things to cool down.

OK, so it's Friday and I'm ready Freddy. Let's kick off the weekend with some loverly links of things that caught my eye this week. Feel free to pass along anything that had you laughing, smiling or just plain rollin' yer eyes at too.

+ This video of melting ice cream is oddly poignant—a fitting homage to the end of summer.

+ I came for the polite umbrella, but the self-inflating chair is rather hilariously genius (scroll down to see the video once on the page).

+ Michael Jackson was pretty fly back in 2000, according to 1985.

+ I’m loving this sizzlin’ Retro Tap dance from a very young Ann Miller.

+ Long before there was Axe….there was Hai Karate

+ This tangy-sweet, spiced rubbed salmon from Shutterbean looks divine.

+ I'm curious what inspired this crazy guy who creates art out of duct tape and packing tape (Gallery 2 is my fave).

+ Um, hello....this elegant bento box from Luxirare?? I die.

+ Target rules but Ann Sui rules harder. Her new line, inspired by GOSSIP GIRL, is getting ready to hit ze store. I wrote about this a month or so ago, but now you can check it out on the runway.

+ And finally, my Twitter reco for the week is @ditavonteese. The woman truly leads the most glamorous life ever. Only Dita could make ironing look charming.

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  1. You have the best links!

    Did I mention Eric actually owns a bottle of Hai Karate. As far as smell goes, let's just say unlike wine, cologne doesn't improve with age...

    And I hear you on the tap love--particularly after SYTYCD tap bonanza! Whoo hoo!

  2. Ann Miller's only 14 in that clip, can you believe it? I know I didn't look like that at 14!

  3. Oh R.I.P. Ann Miller. She was a true inspiration. Did you know, when she was doing this show, and dancing, she had a broken back, ouch! But throughout the whole thing she had that smile on her face! She was so brave. I wish I could have written to her. Also, when her husband broke her back by pushing her down the stairs, she was 9 months preganant! Before that, she got pushed down the stairs by the same huband and had a misscarrige. She never tried to have a child again. :( I feel so bad for her!