Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Retro Catalog Luv.

Great balls of fire, I hope you weren't as sick of that last post as I was!! I had some problems logging into my account and then the day simply ran away from me. Yesterday was a big day at our house as it was Wolfie's first day of Kindergarten!! He was so awesome, no tears....very brave and threw himself into the whole thing with gusto! I have some photos to share later today. To tide you over before we return to our regularly scheduled programming I have a few images from an old 1976 Sears catalog that I thought were kind of hilariously awesome. Enjoy!

YES! That's Shelly Hack, in her Pre-Charlie's Angels modeling days.

Just in case you missed it....here's a close up of the boys jammin'

SASSY! I do love that logo.

This calculator cracks me up. Could it possibly have MORE keys???

Kid's clothing in the 70s was just so much more fun. And what kid wouldn't want to wear fun, bright stuff like this??

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  1. the turtle dress! the kitty dress! AHHHHHHH!

    those are some mighty fine styles. thanks for sharin' lady a. i've been waiting forever to see pics of your new 'do and i can't wait to hear + see more about wolfie's big day. and for some reason, bloglines is being a bad child and not showing new updates, so i only saw that you had posted this by being an obsessive nut and heading over directly!!!
    anyhow, TMI, but i am just here to say, happy to see you and can't wait to see MORE MORE MORE!!!

  2. oh so cute!!! i want appliqued apples and turtles and stuff on MY clothes!