Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why be a wallflower? Let's dance!

Looooong before tans, bedazzled bodysuits and feathered head pieces were a glimmer in Bruno and Carrie Ann Inanba's eyes, there was Arthur Murray. Arthur Murray's famous chain of dance studios were all the rage back in the 1950s. The country was really embracing "exotic cultures" and Latin influenced music extremely popular. Everyone was dying to learn how to cha cha or mambo and that, of course, meant DANCE CLASSES baby!

I am loving these amazing photos from a Chicago-area Arthur Murray Dance Studio from 1958-1962. "A beguiling mixture of awkwardness and grace." Oh yes!

Images: Square America

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  1. Neat photos. I like the one with the guy in the fur coat. Whenever I hear "Arthur Murray Dance Studios" I think of a case we read in Contracts about a woman who "had a yen to be a dancer" but not the talent to match and so she sued them. Now I'll be able to think of these cool photos instead. thank god.

  2. hahaha! Kinda like when those girl's tried to sue McDonalds for "making them fat"!!

  3. I love these photos! The illustrations are funny!!!

  4. This might be my favorite post! I love pictures of people dancing. And what a crew this must have been. My favorite is a tie between the girl with the gold shoes and the man in the fur coat--catching a 20s college vibe indeed!

    I actually used an old Arthur Murray book illustrations for my wedding announcements.