Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Original Sex Kitten, Brigitte Bardot

It's Bardot-a-GoGo on Strawberry Lemonade today. I have to admit I don't know a whole heckuva lot about Ms Bardot's personal life. I know she was born in Paris and got her big break in 1956 with the film And God Created Woman. I know she collaborated with Serge Gainsbourg on many songs....popularized the bikini....and is now a huge animal rights activist.

While I love being a brunette (and have never had any desire to go blonde), I can't help but looking at the gorgeous Brigitte and not end up craving big sexy waves and that thick fringey bang. She's pretty damn cute.

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  1. Amazing photos, makes me want to grab some black eyeliner and get to work- and the plaid hat. PREcious!

  2. such good hair.. and i like her kinda-bucky teeth. she's like a fawn gehweiler girl.

    i like the very last pic on the right.. scruffy back-combed pigtails+bows are GO!

  3. That first photo made me gasp. Wow!
    Love that hair and the make up too.

  4. Great images Alex! I'm Sandy and I publish a small newsletter called The Bardot Collector. So what are YOU doing to celebrate her 75th on Sept 28?