Friday, October 30, 2009

The Costume Chronicles.

One more day to Halloween folks. OK, I know I'm kind of on "personal photo overload" here lately, and I promise to get back to our regularly schedule programming next week, but I had to share these with you. It's kind of a funny story. So you guys know how much I love to dress up—and yet my sweet boy Wolfie has never liked it. Which pains me greatly. I had visions of making him superhero capes...astronaut pirate get ups. The works! Nope. My lil stubborn charmer wasn't havin' it. And Halloween was no better! It all began when he was two. I got him this super cute cowboy came with wee chaps, a cowboy shirt and a cute little vest. The thing is, Wolfie liked his jackets/hoodies always zipped up. And a vest? Well it's like a perpetually "open" jacket. He didn't like this ONE BIT. Oh the dramatics!

He threw himself on the ground like a cartoon character, sobbing. Greg and I looked at each other half laughing half shaking our "Really? All this over a VEST?" Thankfully Wolfie has a pretty sweet little disposition and gets over things quickly. Once the offending vest was removed, he was all sunshine again.

The next year I had a great plan. Greg and I would go as Mr. & Mrs. Frankensteins—and Wolfie would be the Crazy Mad Scientist. Genius, right? I can make his hair all crazy, and he could wear the wee little lab coat I found him....buttoned up! Greg looked great.

I left Wolfie help me with my eye make up so he wouldn't be scared of my wig. Needless to say, this was a huge success.

But when it came time for his own costume, well...once again, you can see how Wolfie felt about all this:

I explained to him that Halloween was all about dressing up, and really he could be anything he wanted to. After some thought he declared. "I want to be a pumpkin." "Um.....a pumpkin?" "Yes. Pumpkin." "Wolfie you know a pumpkin is kind of round, and poofy right? Are you sure you want to be a pumpkin?" "Yes, I want a pumpkin." OK. So I have to admit that I was totally terrible and thought to myself "A PUMPKIN???? Oh c'mon!" But a pumpkin it was. I searched high and low for a non-poofy pumpkin and finally found one. I came home triumphant. YES! Wolfie will be so excited! Except......

Oy! I finally calmed him down and negotiated a bribe. "If you wear the costume, you can have some chips." (he's a salty boy, not a big fan of sweets....). With a sigh, he was resigned to his fate:

The final verdict: "I'll wear it. But I won't like it."

By the next day (which was actually Halloween) he had a change of heart and happily wore Ze Pumpkin. Hallelujah!

Oh my silly little Wolfie. I'm happy to report last year was amazingly struggle free! His friend Emmy got him into Pokemon and decided he wanted to be Pikachu. Not only did he wear the outfit, he wore the kooky hat dealie too! Whooo hoo! We even got Greg dressed up as Ash (Pikachu's "boy").


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  1. ahahahaha, i'm really laughing here. oh boy. what a cutie. Wolfie! his resigned face! just too sweet. i feel your pain, Iris is so not into dressing up, i hope she gets into it, whatever i suggest lasts for a mere nanosecond. bum.

  2. Love the Halloween high jinks. We are beginning to embrace the festivities in true Halloween style down Melbourne way.
    I will be endeavouring to turn my little guy into a "Mummy" with ripped sheet bandages.
    The dramatics are all too familiar, but super cute none the less.
    It's always fun checking out your blog, and I must confess,I'm just a weeny bit in love with that black dress!

  3. that photo of him lying on the floor in his chaps is killing me - so sweet :) xx

  4. haha! the photo of Wolfie lying face down in chaps w/ the Elmo sneakers remains my favorite Wolfie photo of all time. It cracks me up each time!!!

  5. What's he going to wear this year????!!!!

  6. OMG!! i'm literally giggling out loud.. SO funny!! and AGAIN! your dress! you kill me with your awesome wardrobe. :-)

  7. nath: haha....i know, some kids just loooove dressing up! let me know what iris decides!

    Betty Jo: a mummy sounds amazing!! I would kill to have a child that would like to be a mummy! haha

    Susannah: *waves wildly* hey!!!! how are you gorgeous girlie?? that photo kills me too. i know its wrong that we took photos during his little freakout, but we were laughing ourselves!!!

    rosa: hee hee. makes me laugh every year. that top one. so young! so opinionated!!

    Rilla: Oh, nothing very inventive....well actually he wanted to be Mr. Silly from the Mr, Men series (which is a round little cartoon guy with skinny arms...i had no idea how to make it happen) so once again he is a pokemon character, this time Ash, the boy who carries pikachu around. BUT he is wearing a HAT! Victory!!

    Danielle: you are tooo kind! thank you so much cute lady!

  8. Aww he's so adorable! That pouty little face, so precious!

  9. LOVE IT. tru dresses up all the time but he won't wear halloween costumes either! he would spend HOURS trying on jewelry and sunglasses at target but torture to get him in his brobee suit! lol! i think tru and wolfie would get along quite well....truman too will do anything for chips.

  10. Seriously love your blog! My boyfriend actually found it while searching for something vintage on Google and I am so happy he did! Just love it! Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween XOXO

  11. your post and those photos are HILARIOUS.
    I love every photo of wolfie! His facial expressions are classic and your ability to capture these moments are tooo incredible!
    I love your blog - thanks for sharing these. Have a wonderful halloween!!!

  12. You know how I feel about Wolfie and his costume conundrums! Pure hilarity!

  13. Oh Wolfie! I'm kind of sad that he doesn't still freak out about dressing up because those photos are precious!

  14. Love the H-ween chronicles and adore your Wolfie!!!!!!!!!