Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I love colors.

I love colored tights. You can be wearing the most boring, drab dress ever...but add some brightly colored stockings? BLAMO! You'll look cute as can be. My favorite colors are bold and bright: red, purple, blues, greens. I love welovecolors, Hue and old navy tights. Modcloth also has super cute patterned tights. How about you? What are your favorite colors to sport? (and by "you" I am not talking to you crazy tights fetish freaker dudes, mmmkay?)

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  1. I need me some colored tights & quick! So freakin' cute. I just have brown & black now, but have been focusing on the patterns. Swoon.

  2. i just love this post, this is one of my favourite looks for autumn/winter. there are some wonderful photographs here.

  3. So I take it you get alot of comments from guys who like tights?? Too funny.