Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October 20, 2001. A wedding odyssey.

Eight years ago, Greg and I were married in Palm Springs, California. It really was a totally glorious and special day for us. As you may have guessed by my last post, we were married at the iconic 1960s "House of the Future" aka Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway. A dream come true! They don't typically rent the place out that often, so it was very special that we were allowed to have our day there (and the lovely couple who own the place were exceptionally kind and really helped to make it happen for us!). Everyone does things their own way...some folks want a small intimate affair, others go for the big hoopla. We wanted a nifty location, a fun vintage cocktail party vibe and something that was special enough that we would remember, but not so over-the- top that we were broke for years after. I shockingly didn't spend much on my dress (shoes and accessories were vintage, the dress was new) and I did all my own flowers. I'm also a vintage kookoo, so of course I also staged the place with my own vintage pillows, bric-a-brac and vintage bridal magazines in the "boudoir" (everyone thought they were part of the place! haha).

I wanted to share with you some photos of our special day. (There are a million stories that go along with them, but I thought I'd let the photos do the talking!) The photographer cross-processed some of the film, which gave it a really groovy supersaturated look—this was before digital was the way to go for occasions. Because a lot of these photos are in frames, I scanned a handful of mediocre copies I had in a box and the colors are a bit extra wonky. The real ones are much pertier, I swear! I was also giggling as I looked them over. The trend of photo documenting your day in an editorial manner wasn't as popular yet (probably because most people still shot on film?). When I look at some of the amazing wedding photo spreads in blogs today they almost seem like a magazine shoot. That being said, these pictures still make me smile. It was a wonderful day for my sweet Greg and I.

To my beloved, handsome hubby Greg, the bestest, funniest, coolest guy I know. I super love you!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY sweetie. (We'll get back to Bali by our 15th Anniversary. Hee.)

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  1. oh! so sweet. you're very pretty, you look a little Priscilla-esque in the ones of the cake-cutting. what an amazing venue!

  2. This looks like the funnest wedding after. After mine, of course :)

    You looked so radiant, beautiful & HAPPY! And the Han Solo & Princess Leia cake toppers....if my hubby saw those, we might have gotten a cake...

  3. How beautiful, that is the most amazing venue, and you both look fabulous of course!

  4. happy anniversary, alex & greg!

    your weddings photos are lovely and it sounds like your wedding was too. i especially like the last two photos.

  5. NAAAAWWWW!!!!! i'm not a wedding-y girl, but i have a tear! you both look SO beautiful and happy! it looks like such a fun wedding.

    i love the cake, really cool and retro but also elegant.

    btw, i had a skirt made of a star war sheet! argh! too funny.

    happy anniversary

  6. Super fantastic!!!! I love it, specially because I also did a "vintage wedding". COngratulations for ur aniversary, ur husband is super-cool. LOVE!!

  7. beautiful... all of it.

    and you look absolutely gorgeous.

  8. Uh. MAY. ZING!

    And the photos are just wonderful! I love the Star Wars figurines too! So darn KOOT!

    Oh, you kids!

  9. Fantastic. Gorgeous. Happy anniversary!

  10. i love your wedding pics sooo much!

    ok, so does the cake match your dress???? love them both!

  11. Ah sweet pea!!! Such deliciosity!!!!!!!!!
    The hubs and I did a "real" Vegas wedding,with all the kitsch nods *except* married by Elvis!
    Darling girl happiness to you and hubsy!! Ofcourse you did your wedding in an utterly faboo way! I do know this house from the hubs and I's own P-Springs modern Archetecture stalking tour!
    You looked gorg by the by!

  12. Ooo... thanks for sharing Alex, you both look so wonderful. I'm a little late to wish you a happy anniversary but I'm sure it was a good one.

  13. Happy belated anniversary! Just catching up on my blog reading... as my husband and I just returned from celebrating our 8th anniversary as well (also in the desert, but in AZ)! Thanks for sharing the great photos.

  14. Oh my god. I cannot tell you how much I usually want to gag at all things wedding, but this is the coolest!!! I think my favorite pictures are you reading the Bride magazine on the bed - so funny! Hilarious and gorgeous at the same time - the perfect bride!

    Also, what's up with that Star Wars dress in one of the first shots? I want to know more about it!

  15. Nath, Smashing Bird, Ms. B, When I Grow Up Coach, America, Rebecca, Fiona, Leslie, Beth, Lishy, Meli-Melo:

    Thank you thank you everyone!!! You are all so super sweet. All your comments made me smile...

    Draw Pigrim: Why am i not surprise you have a Star Wars skirt???

    Jungle Dream Pagoda: YAY! Of course you got married in Palm Springs! Pictures please!

    Stacey: Happy belated anniversary to you!

    thebubbreport: I am NOT a seamstress in any way shape or form...but I decided I wanted to make a dress out of these Star Wars sheets I found at the thrift store—sort of a Sound of Music homage, and I thought it would just be a cool dress. It's officially the only thing I have ever sewed (zipper in the back and everything!). I'm not Star Wars obsessed or anything, but I really love the original movies!


  16. awwwww! what a beautiful, rockin' wedding! I love it all, especially the shots on the bed.
    Happy Belated Anniversary xo