Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Strawberry Lemonade Vintage Halloween Edition

So I was in Target the other day and wandered into the Halloween aisle. I was kind of bummed out and horrified by all the creepy masks—the weirdo from the Saw movies, the Scream ghoul, random slashers. I thought to myself, "Where is the childhood innocence? Who lets their kid be a crazy murderer?? These masks are terrifying! It's not like back in the day when we were kids!"

Um.....OK. So I'm not sure when you last looked at old school Halloween masks, but shut mah mouth because some of these are positively terrifying!!! The cheap plastic only adds to the appeal. Of course I still love 'em all. And they're miles better than Scream. We'll start out with some of my faves. Look at this motley crue. Each kid is better than the next:

i confess, my heart belongs to the little stressed out Planet of the Apes guy on the end though.

The Snoopy. Hee. Not sure what's happening with the faceless Mr. Skelly.

These cute lil cowpokes are from 1951. I love that you can see her little dress in the reflection of the mirror. So sweet!

Here are the same happy kidlets one year later:

I’m amazed at this nonchalant baby:

If this kid showed up at my door step I’d run screaming. I can't imagine anything more terrifying! Oh wait, that's because this little creeper cutie hadn't showed up yet:

This poor child is like a Tretchikoff painting on acid. 1954.

I can't stop starring at and giggling at this next child:

This poor girl….looks like a classic victim of the dreaded, “It’s too cold out there, you wear a coat under that costume or you’ll catch your death of cold!” I always hated when mom made us wear our coats under our costumes.

This next one kills me too. Devils in Flannel Granny NIghties.

OK, check out the wig on the little nurse. Hee.

I love this one. What child decided that they want to be George Washington? So cute.

And finally, my favorite of the bunch:

The Colonel Sanders girl? I mean....c'mon now. I can't wait for Halloween this year. How about you??

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  1. awww this is adorable and terrifying in equal measures!

  2. somehow the 'cute' masks are the creepiest! x

  3. Are you familiar with Charles Phoenix at all? I think he'd be right up your alley.

  4. So fun—thanks for this! The season is definitely upon us—you can feel it in the air today. Crispy/ghouly!

  5. I love it! This reminds me of my first Halloween costume which was a plastic face of Mary Poppins. And since I was four, there was no irony. Crazy!

    I personally love the handmade storm trooper helmet and Darth Vader. That is some pure craft comedy.

  6. Those totally had me laughing out loud. I missed my chance to get Moira a decent costume from the second hand shop so now I'm thinking of dressing her up as a sick pig ala Swine Flu. At least I will think it is funny.

  7. thanks for sharing these! those old masks sure are creepy. i had the snoopy costume as a toddler and the picture is hilarious, i am stiff as a board. according to my mother i demanded it ? (she usually made us really great handmade costumes.)

    how is wolfie shaping up for halloween this year? i seem to recall he was not too fond of dressing up one year. :)