Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm falling for fall. And my frecklewonder.

Well autumn is FINALLY here in San Francisco and I'm jumping for joy. That crispness in the air while the sun shines. LOVE IT. I love the season—it's the one thing I really miss out here on the west coast. That sense of time passing as winter gives way to spring and summer turns to autumn. Growing up in Michigan I really loved the rituals that go along with each passing season. Putting away the summer clothes, getting out your toasty warm coats and scarves. Crunching in the leaves. My favorite season by far is fall. I love all the holidays it brings and I love the clothes. I was just browsing my friend Jenny's fabulous site, Frecklewonder, and was delighted to see all her cool fall duds. She has an excellent eye. Just take a gander at some of these gorgeous vintage threads. That first dress is making me CRAZY! It's full length and fabulous but I think I would shorten it to just above the knee. Soooo pretty:

Happy Monday my friends. Did you guys have a great weekend?
xoxo alex

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  1. I just put away my sandals with a tear in my eye. As much as I love fall, it is sad to put away all those open-toe shoes. Your friend does have a fabulous eye! Those coats are driving me crazy.

  2. oooh look at that anchor blouse!!

    i love autumn the best too, not that you get much of a difference between seasons here. i loved when i lived in england, you really appreciate the changing and thawing etc after months of grey + freezingness.

  3. hello sweet pea.
    thank you for bloggin' the collection.