Friday, October 23, 2009


Helllllo everyone! Thanks so much for the awesome happy wishes for our anniversary. You guys are the best! Greg got me a great little gifty, but of course there is a story that goes along with it so I'll have to write it up this weekend. Speaking of, we have another action packed one—wolfie's school is having a Harvest Festival and then on Sunday we're going to this fun pumpkin patch that you ride a vintage trolley to get to. Weeeee! I can't wait. This fall is just FLYING by, I can't even believe it.

So I have been meaning to post about this all week. I just love when you get something unexpected in the mail. I'm happy with a little letter or card (so rare these days!) but just look at the sweetest little package that arrived in the mail last week from AUSTRALIA—from the super cute Lisa Tilse of The Red Thread blog. Lisa is one of my favorite people i've never met in real life. We first became pals during decor8/Holly Becker's amazing (AMAZING!) "Blogging Your Way" class. Lisa is super cool, so artistic and just full of fun. Her blog is pretty great....and for some reason she decided I was the winner of some contest and was getting a little care package. Frankly I think she made the whole thing up, because she's just so darn sweet like that, but either way I GLADLY take any goodies anyone wants to send my way. Check out this lovely package (amazing wrapping too!):

Lisa's artwork is so great, I looooove that little vintage dish, the fun stickie stickers and stationary....but the best thing byfar you can't see (its underneath that stack). Lisa's Sweetie Petite Doll kit—a super cool "make your own softie doll" out of Lisa's illustrations. It is brill, I can't wait to try it! (get your own HERE). THANK YOU THANK YOU Lisa!!!
You rock missy.

Have an amazing weekend friends!

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  1. How sweet! You're a lucky gal to receive such sweetness in the mail! I am in looove with the "little red robin hood" cards! Too cute! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Ohhhh...what a lovely package and what a amazing blog you have! Just found you and so glad I to check out a few more of your lovely posts.

  3. A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie: I am lucky huh! Those little cards are super cute, I agree! thanks and have a fun weekend!

    koralee: Oh yay! So glad you like it....and so nice to meetcha!

  4. Hey Alex girlie,

    U are loved! what sweet goodies ;-) have so much fun this weekend & let us know all about it!