Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm Having a Cuckoo Fashion Moment.

So as you guys might recall, my mother is from a lovely town in Germany called Würzburg. Growing up I always had dirndls and I have to say I have such a fondness for 'em. When I saw this adorable line by Dainty June I was smitten! The names of the garments are almost as cute as the clothes themselves.

I mean the "Schnitzel Dress"?? How cute is that. This had me on the prowl for other modern clothing that was trachten-inspired ("tracht" is the Bavarian & Austrian style of dress often including dirndls and lederhosen). Take a look at these cuties from German brand Ploom:

And then when I was browsing the ever-adorable Draw Pilgrim, she had her own Bavarian moment and TOTALLY reminded me of these adorable little weather houses. We had one of these when I was growing up and it's a humidity detector that lets you know when it looks like rain! Can you stand the cuteness??

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a big ol stein of beer right about now. HAPPY FRIDAY!


Oooooh psssst! I also love this crazy cuckoo clock ring from Anna Sheffield! You can get it at Target.

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  1. Love these picture. The ring is very unique. Really? At Target? I can get one :)

  2. Love the clothes from Dainty June! Wish I had the guts to wear colored stockings though.

  3. Great pictures! Maybe you're interested in this:

    designer Lola Paltinger is pretty popular right now in Germany for her modern take on the dirndl. Her personal style is also pretty cute:

  4. My Owl Barn: YES! Target! I'm constantly looking waiting for it to go on sale. Hee.

    Cookie Cutter: Aw you would look smashing in colored stockings. Truly!

    Karen; oooh i love this lola paltinger! so cute! the link to her personal style isn't working, but her site is! thank you!!

  5. Cute so adorable thanks for can also check my cowboy boots