Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Punkin Head

This year we went to not one, but TWO pumpkin patches. One was in the Santa Cruz area and super sweet with an apple orchard and AMAZING pies. The other was just this past weekend at the Western Railway Train Museum and is totally charming and unique. You ride a vintage train out for about 10 minutes or so out to the pumpkin patch, which is in the middle of nowhere. There they have a huge maze made out of bales of hay, games, llamas (not sure how they qualify as Halloweenie, but who am I to argue!), amazing little old lady bake-sale treats, BBQ and live music. It's a grand ol time for sure! How about you guys? Any pumpkin patch action in yer neck o' the woods?

Here is our day at the apple orchard pumpkin patch! My favorite picture is Wolfie trying to heave that heavy pumpkin!

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  1. awwww look at you guys! cuuuuute!
    i wish we had those pumpkins here. our pumpkins are only orange on the inside.

    no pies here, i'm afraid. i've never had pumpkin pie. but i've never met a pie i didn't like, so i look forward to meeting one, one day and consuming it.

    in conclusion: it looks like you had a fun day. wolfie looks so cute heavin' the pumpkin in pic 2.

  2. oh my god- your little boy's hair absolutely kills me. the picture of him attempting to lift the pumpkin is beyond words cute.

  3. everything's better with pie.

  4. those are gorgeous photos. and i love the halloween costume post. i'm now wishing i'd followed through with snagging some like that off ebay this year.