Thursday, August 27, 2009

Style Files: Vintage dressie, how I loved ya....

This is a truly vintage Style Files....this photo is from last year. "Um Alex, so why are you posting it?? Isn't that kinda breaking the rules?" Hold yer horses my pets, there is a point to all of this I promise!

So, I loved this outfit for a variety of reasons.

+ The dress was the perfect length. It was long enough that I could wear it with bare legs and not worry about looking too hoochie but it was short enough that I didn't feel dowdy.

+ The dress and sweater are vintage (thrifted) which always things feel special. Bargain prices! Amazing patterns! What's not to like?

+ I love cardigans and finding a short sleeved GREEN cardy had me doing cartwheels.

+ I wore this outfit when I met Fergie the first time (yes, the humpolicious Dutchess—she spells it wrong on purpose. Not sure why?) and she told me I looked cute. Whoo hoo!

+ The shoes are sassy but actually soooo comfortable. No really. They are Aerosoles and I could truly walk for hours in them.

+ The necklace is a groovy fluorescent "cameo" pendant that Greg got me. It's so cute and cool. I love it.

+ The bag is an authentic Louis Vuitton that I scored at a thrift store. It has a busted zipper which was why I think it was discarded, but I love it!

Alas, this is where the story takes a sad turn. My favorite sassy summer outfit no longer exists. I wore the dress when I was flown up to Portland for a job interview (loved Portland!) and accidentally left it in my hotelroom...I didn't realize this until weeks later and the dress was long gone. Waaah! A few weeks ago the necklace that Greg gave me broke. I reglued it, but the charm keeps popping off. Waah! And now the shoes, the comfy cute yellow strappy loves, were peed on by our obnoxiously adorable cat Tuxie. DOUBLE WAAAAH!!!! (the cat has a major shoe fetish, loves rolling around on my shoes....I just discovered yesterday that he peed in my closet and now five pairs of shoes are grody and stinky.....not fun!!)

I know it's silly to mourn an outfit, but I do miss that little dress. It's weird how sentimental we get about our clothes. Have you ever lost a treasured item? What was it?

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  1. Oh my god, that is tragic! Perhaps meeting Fergie was the best thing that was ever going to happen to it, and it just didn't want to go on after that?

    I lost a really nice Burberry raincoat once. It was this cool green army color and it had snaps which made it super easy to get on and off, and it had a wool zip out lining. It was my first really really nice article of clothing that I found at a huge after Xmas sale and I figured I'd be using it for life. I either left it in a bar or a valet stole it, I'm not sure.

  2. it's not silly at all to mourn an outfit!! while i was living in england, my room was used for other people staying and it got a big clean out. when i came back a whole bunch of my favourite vintage things had vanished.

    *sulk* so no, i don't think its silly to mourn something that brought you so much joy. i also get majorly upset about lost or broken things, because i wasn't prepared to see them go. hehe i need closure damnit!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear this! Joining you in the mourning. A moment of silence will be observed.

    Totally understands how this feels. I sulk for an entire day (ok, sometimes a few days) when my clothes get ruined during washing or ironing.

  4. oh honey, i feel your pain! x

  5. Aw, don't be sad, Alex! I loves every single friggin' outfit you post on here, so I know you'll find a new staple/fave soon.

    The very first piece of jewelry I remember getting is a gold ring in the shape of a flower with a garnet (my birthstone) in the middle, after I underwent surgery in 1st grade. I put it in a dress-up purse I had one day, never to be seen again. I miss my little ring.

  6. Oh my goodness that was such a cutie of an outfit too! What rotten luck!

  7. You guys are all fabulous, you know that? Thanks for always commenting it really makes me smile. I can see by my little Google Analytics that lots of people are visiting and reading, but until someone comments it just doesn't seem real!


  8. I am pouring part of Zima on the ground in respect for the dress.

    Tuxie sounds like the most adorable kittie, and just gave you a reason to buy more shoes!

  9. Hi -
    What a lovely blog you have! I found you via another lovely blog, lagelledailydose. I am also a lover of vintage - be it vintage clothes, vintage decor or vintage toys. So, I always like to connect with blogs that share that same love. I look forward to reading future posts and to catching up on past posts.

  10. absolutely love the commercials for Frito Lay! Way to girl. I posted about it on my blog.

    Also, can you please e-mail me your address again. I'm still needing to mail you a small "gift" from my pay-it-forward giveaway.

    mufninc {!at}

  11. oh no! not the necklace?! i hope there is some way to do something with it ? maybe it can be refashioned into another piece of jewelry ?

    sorry to hear about the dress and shoes, too! i would be so bummed, it all looks so great on you.

    i once lost a gorgeous vintage angora sweater at a bar. actually, someone stole it i am sure. it was the prettiest pale pink with velvet and beads and rhinestones and matching sweater clip. something anthropologie wishes they could knock off. i was beyond bummed because i purchased it at a flea market in spain and it was the first time i got to wear it. and sadly, i have no picture of it. and that was about 8 years ago and you can see i am not over it. ha.