Friday, August 14, 2009

Chairs that care.

If you are a fashion blog lover, then I'm sure you are familiar with Jane, of Sea of Shoes fame. Jane is still in high school but she and her mom have a ginormous fashion collection. They are fortunate to be able to afford some pretty high-end schtuff, but it's pretty undeniable that they both have an excellent eye for fashion. While I think Jane is the bees knees, I have to say I'm completely obsessed (in a non stalkery way of course) with her mom, Judy. Judy was a model and is so elegant and chic....but also totally funky and bad ass. I love that she has this amazing relationship with her two daughters (the other one, Carol, maintains a lower profile but Judy always makes sure to mention her as well). You can check out her blog over at Atlantis Home.

Recently Judy posted about this project that the two of them did and I thought it was pretty great. The initial inspiration was this image in Australian Vogue:

How cool to create a couch made of canvas and allow your kids to draw all over it?? I mean, it helps if the drawings are sweet kid's doodles and not ugly scribbles. So this sparked the idea to take a fancy chair, recover it in canvas and then have children decorate it. The final product is so whimsical and cool. I think the combination of high-lo (fancy chair and down-to-earth doodled) is what makes it. The chair is part of an auction to benefit a children's hospital, which is perfect. Here are some pictures of the chair, but you can read the entire post here. I think the end result is pretty amazing.

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  1. Wow, I actually like it! But I always think kids are can be intriguing. I wonder if one would become tired of the bright fun though..